Every funny person in the world

Every funny person in the world

Being a funny person is not an easy job. While most people will be attracted to you because of your jolly behaviour and happy-go-lucky attitude, you have to keep up to their expectations all the time. It may seem easy, but being funny is damn difficult, more difficult than clearing UPSC exams in the first attempt. Things you would get if you’re a funny person –

1. Keeping up to your reputation

Already stated, when you’re a generally funny person, you have some expectations to fulfill. You just can’t say something hilarious once a while and get away with it. You signed up for this, you better throw jokes at everything, every time. At every social gathering, you’re definitely the person in limelight, but there’s a lot of pressure to find something worth joking about. People are liked for their looks, or dressing sense, or some other aspect. But you my friend, you’re liked because you’re funny, so you better not mess it up. Keep joking!

2. Pressure of being funny

You know why you’re called for plans? Because you’re the unofficial joker in your social group. Your job is to entertain, solely to entertain. And people who are not funny, will never get how much work goes into making jokes about things or people. It’s a whole discussion within the mind as to what might be appropriate and what wouldn’t be appropriate. You’ve got to classify your jokes according to the different people you hangout with. Some are classy, while some groups are just downright tapori. It’s tough to keep up with all this pressure.

3. Never taken seriously

It would literally be a funeral and people would laugh at even seeing you cry, that’s how casually you’re treated by your friends. You might be low, or really not in the mood to showcase your sense of humour, but you just can’t quit dude, that’s your jam. If you’re friends see you sad, firstly they won’t believe that, and secondly, they’ll just start laughing thinking it’s another joke at someone from the group who’s always sad. Nothing you do is taken seriously, you might be in an accident and call up some friend, but no, they won’t believe it. Being funny comes with a cost.

4. The fear of offending someone

One of the most crucial thing about making jokes on someone, is to know where to stop and not cross the line. Your best friends will never get offended by anything you say, obviously because they’re your best friends. But while meeting someone for the first time, or meeting someone you’re not that familiar with, you’ve got to control. And the worst part is, all the time they talk, you can only think of the most funny things about them and laugh by yourself looking like a complete idiot. However, you can always get even with someone you hate by saying some really mean things as jokes, and always say “It’s a joke, don’t take it seriously man!”

5. Self acknowledgement

Have you ever been in a situation wherein you cracked a joke some five hours ago at a party, but it’s 3 in the morning and you just cannot stop laughing at you’re own damn joke because you’re just so funny? You’re like Chandler, jokes come naturally to you, and you know that very well. And every once in awhile, you like appreciating yourself and the jokes you crack. You’ve also thought about what would your friends do if they didn’t have a funny person like yourself in their lives, and yeah, they’d probably die living a gloomy life. You know how awesome you are, and you just don’t shy away from saying the first thing that pops in your head. Obviously that has to go through a filter process in the mind, but other than that, you just speak your mind all the time and you love it.
It’s fun being funny, isn’t it?

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