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Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 Highlights : The Battle of Winterfell!

A very excited hello to the GOT fandom. We’ve all been waiting for Episode 3 of Season 8 so desperately that we forgot to eat and sleep the night before, despite the episode leaks online!

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A lot of death and a bitter-sweet victory ended the third episode. Let’s catch up on what happened, shall we? If you missed Episode 2, read the highlights in our blog!

The Preparation

The title of GOT’s third episode was ‘The Long Night‘, aptly so because the episode was 82 minutes long! Of course the GOT producers couldn’t fit the gory but icy battle in just 60 short minutes.

The episode starts with all the characters preparing for the horrific battle ahead. The Night King and his undead army can come bursting in any minute.

Everyone in the GOT universe looks afraid as the camera captures the raw fear on every character’s face. But in the middle of this all, comes our favourite Red Priestess (how the heck does she stay so young? – secret magic choker of course!).

Melisandre steps up and offers words of encouragement and asks everyone to be brave, courtesy of the flaming swords she hands out like candies.

GOT characters we now love

The next thing we know, Jon Snow (Knower of Nothing) and Auntie Dany (Dragon Mom) look on as the first wave of soldiers charge ahead to fight the undead.

But lo and behold, the army of White Walkers is here and the troops disappear (hey, that rhymed!).

Daenerys and Jon team up and bring the heat with with their vicious dragon breathing fire in the hopes to keep the undead at bay. Meanwhile, Arya urges Sansa to go to the crypts for safety.

After bickering for 5 mins about why she should stay, Sansa finally gives up and goes.

The Night King Arrives (In Style!)

The White Walkers are causing mayhem with their new age fashion sense and of course killing everything in their way. This causes our brave troops to retreat as it becomes too much to handle.

While everyone is stumped on how to keep the undead at bay, Melisandre saves the day again by performing her magic and casting a ring of fire around Winterfell!

In the crypts, we can see Sansa and Tyrion having trouble in (a non-existent) paradise with an exchange of words. 

Meanwhile our in-house Three-eyed Raven Bran and Theon Greyjoy have a boring conversation before Bran uses his powers.

Bran meme

Next we see the Night King stumped at the level of stupidity of the people of Winterfell and merrily finds a way around the ring of fire.

A zombie giant enters the castle (as if the tiny White Walkers weren’t enough!) and starts slashing his way through it. Arya take is upon herself to show us how badass she is with her fighting skills.

Our little ball of bravery, Lady Lyanna Mormont stabs the giant in his eye.

Lyanna Mormont - GOT

My dragon will crush your dragon!

While all this is going on, Jon & Dany and the Night King decide to play a game of who’s got the scarier pet! Both take out their dragons and start a game of flame thrower in the air.

Meanwhile in the castle, Arya gets overwhelmed by the number of undead. The Hound stops panicking (finally!) and helps Arya by teaming up with Beric Dondarrion which results in his death (of course we cried our eyes out).

The Night King takes this chance to command his dragon to breathe fire on Winterfell. Daenerys, seeing this whispers “Dracarys!” only to be disappointed when the Night King walks away safe and sound.

White Walker

Jon Snow (definitely thinking “how dare you fight my girlfriend/auntie!”), goes after the Night King. The Night King however is busy building a new army of the dead by recycling the oldies in the crypts and the freshly dead ones. 

The Night King meme

Jon makes his way to Bran to protect him and Daenerys helps him by using her dragon to clear his path. But the white walker army are like, “hey that’s our favourite food!” and attack her dragon. 

Ser Jorah (loverboy) comes to save the damsel in distress just as Dany is about to be killed!

The epic showdown!

The Night King decides that now is the time to take out Bran (his age-old enemy) and attacks him. Theon Greyjoy has the metaphorical balls (his actual balls were cut, remember?) to attack the Night King to protect Bran. 

GOT Season 8

What ensues is an epic showdown which leaves us wondering whether it will be the cunning Cersei, the clueless Jon, the Dragon mommy Daenerys or Sansa and Arya (choose one!) who finally ascends the Iron Throne?

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