Apps every woman must have

Apps every woman must have

Ladies, listen up! What if someone told you that everything you need is just a click away? What is someone told you that your phone is all you need to make your life less complicated and entertaining? Believe it, ‘cause it’s true. Whoever said phones were only needed for calling and messaging? It’s a whole world out there we have not been using, and that’s going to change now. Mobile apps of all kinds are available on Play store/ App store which have been developed to cater to our needs. From food to video calling, there’s really nothing our phones cannot help us in. Here’s a list of the apps every woman must have –

1. Instagram

If there’s something we love besides shoes and clothes, it’s beautiful pictures. Instagram is Facebook for pictures, only better. You get to meet awesome people, see their incredible photos and share memories. Instagram also has a collection of some amazing filters that make your picture look like it was clicked by a professional. You can also follow your favourite fashion brands and know about the upcoming sales. Sharing your collection of images with the world is what Instagram is all about, and we’re all up for sharing.

Apps every woman must have

2. Viber/Skype

We all have the one friend who stays far away, but should that stop us from telling her all the gossip she needs to know? Of course not! Which is why apps like Viber/Skype exist. These apps allow video calling and phone calling for free. You love that friend but you obviously cannot be wasting a lot of money on phone bills which is exactly why you need to download them asap. Using Viber and Skype you can stay connected to that one friend anytime without having to worry about the bill. They use your internet, so you do need to have a decent speed, but other than that, nothing. Happy gossiping!

Apps every woman must have

3. Zomato

Because lavish taste buds, that’s why! If there were no men in this world, all women would be marrying a pizza. That’s how much we love food. Every once in awhile when you don’t feel like cooking, or don’t have the time to cook, or simply want to treat yourself because you deserve it, you need an app that finds you the best restaurants in your area. You can find reviews from other people and decide what you want to order, give reviews yourself helping the others and have the tastiest food you could ever imagine. Zomato helps you in doing all of that.

Apps every woman must have

4. Truecaller

Do you have time for creepy guys calling you up adding problems to your already problematic day? Hell no! Ladies, we’ve all been there. The world is filled with idiots we don’t want to entertain but they just don’t get the point. Truecaller is a helpful buddy here. Someone troubling you over the phone? BLOCK his number on the app and you won’t receive any calls from the number again. Not just this, Truecaller also displays the caller’s name when your phone rings, so you always know who’s calling you.

Apps every woman must have

5. Saavn

There’s no stress in the world that a melodious song can’t cure. You may have the best taste in music but you don’t always get the time to update your playlist. Gone are the days when you were stuck traveling with the same old songs on your phone. Saavn is an app that caters to all your music needs according to your taste. There’s various categories including bollywood, english songs, regional among others from which you can select your favourite. However, make sure you switch to Saavn Pro because the normal app has many ads.

Apps every woman must have

6. Ola/Uber

Nobody needs to tell us how it’s unsafe for us to travel in the night. Does that mean we stop going? No, we resort to better modes of transport and hope for the world to get better. Travelling alone in an auto rickshaw in the night is definitely not safe. Which is why you need to have apps like Ola and Uber which is a safer way to travel. All you need to do is install the app from Play store/ App store, book a cab whenever you want to go home and reach your destination safely. And you know what? It’s not that expensive.

Apps every woman must have

7. Showbox

Sex and The City binge watch on Sundays because why not? Showbox is an app that isn’t much popular with the masses but a hidden gem. With the latest updates on all shows that you can easily stream on a decent WiFi connection without any buffering, and also download movies or series easily, Showbox is what you need to spend a boring day. It’s not available on Playstore, which is why you’ll have to search for an apk file. Download, install and enjoy!

Apps every woman must have
Do you have them all?

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