How To Pass Time At Work

How To Pass Time At Work

If it was the old times where humans just had to sit around, chilling all day, gathering food, growing crops and consuming it themselves, life would have been so much easier. Sure, we wouldn’t have the luxuries we have now, like watching television and video calling our long distance friends, but we wouldn’t have to go to work like now. How amazing would that be, won’t it? But sigh, we live in the 21st century where to be able to enjoy luxuries, you need to slog five days a week, sometimes six. It gets really annoying after a point, but you can make that fun too. Here are some guidelines on how to pass time at work –

1. Washroom breaks
Who said there’s only some amount of time you’re allowed to spend in the washroom? Nature’s call doesn’t have any duration. It can cause a decade. You’re allowed to take as much time as you want. Take advantage of this loophole and spend your whole time in the washroom taking selfies all day. If nothing, you can get yourself different posts for Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat stories.

How To Pass Time At Work

2. Games
They give you a desktop to work. But they can’t control you. Spend the whole day playing puzzle games or any kind of games you like. Just be smart enough to clear browser history and switch tabs whenever you see your boss approaching. Think of this as a task, a part of your game. It gets more fun then. Just don’t get caught and you will literally be paid for playing games all day.

How To Pass Time At Work

3. Making people fight
Everybody likes drama. But you’re an absolute lover. When you don’t see it happen, make it happen. All you need to create drama is workplace is pitch two people against each other and when the drama unfolds, watch them two fighting like hooligans. You can do this everyday, and when everyone figures out that you do this for your entertainment, you have a reason to quit.

How To Pass Time At Work

4. Sleep tricks
Taking naps with your eyes open is an art not everybody can excel in. It takes years of practice to go unnoticed even when you’re dreaming about unicorns and fairies. If you can master the art of sleeping, you have the best way to do time pass at work. You wouldn’t have to work towards anything. Nobody will ever know how you sleep throughout the day at work and even get paid for it.

How To Pass Time At Work

5. Snack breaks
You know what to do to not fall asleep and not give any kind of contribution at work? Exactly what you do in life, eat it away. When you have zero motivation to give your hundred percent at work, order some McDonald’s for yourself, don’t share it with anyone, and just keep eating till it’s time to go home. Nobody should be able to disturb you while lunch break, and if they do, offer them fries.

How To Pass Time At Work

Or don’t show up.

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