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The Best Places To Study In Mumbai – Work Cafes & Libraries

Are you a student living in a pg or a working professional? Do you want a quiet, relaxing place where you can study and catch up with your work? In the ever-changing hustle bustle of the streets of Mumbai, every corner has a story to tell and every person you encounter has an experience to offer. GetSetHome has curated a list of must visit work cafes & libraries that will enrich your experience and help you connect with like-minded people.

Leaping Windows

Work cafes & libraries - leaping windows
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Picture this: a snug corner, a captivating book and coffee. Intrigued? You’re in for a treat at Leaping Windows Cafe in Versova. This charming bistro, spanning two stories and a cozy basement, beckons with a promise of delightful cuisine and vibrant energy. The walls of the 1st two floors are adorned with comics, Mangas and graphic novels. The real magic is the tiny reading room in the basement. From the legendary tales of DC and Marvel to the whimsical adventures of Tintin and Tinkle; their library is a haven for comic enthusiasts. Leaping windows is a rendezvous with good reads, great eats, and a whole lot of character. 

Address: Corner View, 3, Dr Ashok Chopra Marg, Opp. Bianca Towers, Amit Nagar, Versova, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400061

Timings: 12pm – 12am, All days

The Yoga House Studio and Cafe

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Tucked away in a quiet corner off Carter Road, the Yoga House place is a peaceful retreat. Here, every corner is a fusion carefully curated for your work and well-being. You can choose your ideal seating arrangement from an array of choices. It could be a table for focus or floor cushions for a more relaxed vibe. You can also take a break & rejuvenate by indulging in yoga or meditation. Their menu offers a refreshing array of options – fresh juices, salads and delectable sandwiches to ensure that both your body and mind stay nourished.

Address: Nargis Villa/Water Bungalow, Sherly Rajan Rd, D Block, Railway Colony, Shirley, Bandra (W), Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050

Timings: 8am – 10pm, Tuesday to Sunday

Asiatic Society of Bombay

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In the heart of Fort, stands the Asiatic Society of Mumbai founded by Sir James Mackintosh in 1804. Inspired by Greek & Roman styles of architecture, the building is a testament to historical & cultural richness. It houses a vast collection encompassing 100,000 books, periodicals, relics & ancient manuscripts. It’s aesthetic & ancient vibes make the Asiatic Society a perfect spot for anyone looking for a quiet space to work. Membership starts at just Rs.60 unlocking an infinite world of knowledge for you.

Address: WRJP+P8M, Town Hall, Shahid Bhagat Singh Rd, Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400023

Timings: 10am – 6:30pm, Monday to Friday

IIT Bombay Library

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The Central Library of IIT Bombay is one of India’s largest libraries of Science, Engineering and Technology. It boasts of a vast collection spanning across diverse disciplines, from cutting-edge technology to timeless classics. Beyond its extensive bookshelves, the library also offers access to a myriad of e-resources and research databases. A perfect blend of architecture & nature, the space has a Café and landscaping for informal sitting and discussions on steps. The natural light, white color and pastel shades, textures & furniture blend together to create a calm, peaceful & refreshing atmosphere for both readers & visitors.

Address: 4WM8+H2Q, IIT Area, Powai, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400076

Timings: 9am – 11pm, All days

David Sassoon Library and Reading Room

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Step back in time at Mumbai’s oldest heritage library, the David Sassoon Library & Reading Room.  A masterpiece in Victorian Gothic and Art Deco architecture, it proudly holds the title of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Built in 1870 in the heart of Mumbai, the library transports you into a different era seamlessly marrying tradition with modernity. Adorned with old school furniture, vintage deck chairs in the balcony, period furniture, WiFi, e-learning and e-book readers, the library is a haven to spend some quiet, quality time. With a lot of food options around the library, members can also sit in the large garden space to munch on their favorite snacks.

Address: 152, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Off David Sassoon, Library Marg, opposite Jehangir Art Gallery, Kala Ghoda, Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001

Timings: 8am – 9pm, All days


If you are a student living in a PG in Mumbai or a working professional, you will have plenty to explore and do around the city. But when you work, whether it is a pending assignment, a book you have been looking forward to reading for the longest time or a study session for a crucial topic, there are plenty of libraries and cafes you can head to.

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