Rajini Fans show how fandom is done

Rajini Fans show how fandom is done

Superstar Rajinikanth is more than just a name in India. It’s a feeling that resonates in the hearts of many people who would do anything for their beloved Anna. Originating from the South film industry, and becoming the biggest star in Indian Cinema, Rajinikanth has earned himself the masses, exactly like the roles he plays in the movie. If you’ve ever gone through his Wikipedia page, you will know none of this came easy to him. This is all self made, and Anna’s fans have always made it worth the wait for him.

Rajini Fans show how fandom is done

Kabali, the most awaited Superstar Rajinikanth movie, is finally here. 22nd July is upon us, and today is going to be an exhausting day at Box Office, especially in South (not that Rajini fans are region centric). The film that stars Radhika Apte opposite the man who needs no introduction is houseful for weeks to come in most theatres in Chennai. From giving holidays to employees on the day of release to flying back to India to catch the first show, love is being showered from all directions for Kabali. While movies enter the coveted 200 crore club earn after their release, only Rajini Anna’s stardom could have made it possible for Kabali to earn 200 crores prior to it’s release. Isn’t the Rajini fandom just the best? Here’s some of the craziest things done by Rajini fans giving us major fandom goals.

1. A man in Karnataka pays loads of money to get the number KA-8-AL-1, and it doesn’t end here. Changing the font to make it look like KABALI, this Rajni fan simply outdoes everyone else. What creativity and dedication!

Rajini Fans show how fandom is done

2. When a normal person gets a sports car, they don’t even let a scratch destroy it’s class. But when you’re a Rajini fan, you modify your car into a Thalaiva’s Kabali poster because Rajinikanth personifies class for you. Kudos, my friend!

3. Taking fandom to a whole new level, a die hard Rajini fan designs “Don Kabali” sarees. You read that right. Neruppu Da’s don avatar in Kabali is now a design on women clothing because Rajini fans.

Rajini Fans show how fandom is done

4. Thalaiva fans are the simply the best. A certain fan booked an entire theatre in Hyderabad to enjoy the movie with his friends. The Rajini experience with your squad is all you need when you’re an Anna bhakt.

5. People at AirAisa seem like die hard Anna fans as well. A Kabali themed flight has been booked with 180 passengers who will be travelling from Bangalore to Chennai, and get this, just to watch the first show of the movie. Like, wow!

Rajini Fans show how fandom is done

6. Anna has fans all over. While AirAisa is showing it’s love for the Superstar on air, car dealers are showering all the love for Kabali and Neruppu Da on the land. Car are being swathed with Kabali posters as a tribute to the Superstar.

7. An online community comprising of Rajini fans that goes by the name Rajini Biggest Superstar of India plans on distributing 1000 helmets, welding glasses and gloves to labourers. Fandom with a cause.

Rajini Fans show how fandom is done

8. Startups and companies in Chennai have declared Kabali day and given leaves to their employees. This started circulating when people were planning to call in ‘sick’ for the day. As a joke that turned out to be a boon for employees, 22nd July was declared Go Watch Kabali Day.

9. Muscat is a part of the Kabali Mania as well. Fans line up in the scorching heat just to acquire the tickets for the movie. And you thought only India was under the Rajini spell.

Rajini Fans show how fandom is done

10. A huge influence that Rajini Anna is, nobody to unknown to him. Education sector also knows how tragic it is to give an exam on Kabali Day. MBA exam that was scheduled to for today has been postponed for the next week. Do I really need to say why?
Today is not Friday folks, it’s Kabali Day!

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