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Things Only 90s Kids Remember

Being born in the 90s was the best thing in the world. Those were the simpler times when the world was easy, without the twists and turns that we live in today. If you were born in the 90s, you probably understand what this is about. This is an appreciation of the decade that is probably the coolest till today. Here are certain things only 90s kids remember –

1. Shows
Who all remember being really excited to go home from school so that you could spend the afternoon watching television? From cartoons to comedy shows, there was a little bit of everything for everyone. Tiny TV for shows like Oswald, Noddy, Baby Looney Toons and comedy shows like Shararat, Son Pari and Vikraal Aur Betaal had a huge fan following because of us kids.

90s Kids

2. Games
We didn’t have PlayStations back then. There were video games but way to expensive for people to have them at homes. So our games were mostly the ones we physically played outside, inventing most of their rules and regulations. The most popular one was obviously box cricket, a game that was played without any barriers. Lagori, Gilli Danda, Aankh Micholi and Pakda Pakdi were some games we all played as kids.

90s Kids

3. Movies
Being bornĀ as the 90s kids meant you had seen some of the best movies. Be in English or Hindi, you had the privilege of watching good movies. Every 90s kid is a fan of Dil Chahta Hai, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Jhankar Beats and Kal Ho Na Ho when it comes to Bollywood movies. Thanks to Pogo, summer holidays were amazing owing to May Movie Magic that gave us Harry Potter marathon. They were the good days indeed.

90s Kids

4. Gadgets
Forget your iPads and iTouch-es, it was us who had the best gadgets. The newest mobile phones were the best thing ever. We had tape recorders, VCRs, Walkie-Talkies, Digital Watches and Digicams. If you had these gadgets, you were the cool kid of your group. Gadgets in the 90s were limited but they gave us everything that we wanted. We all kind of miss those days without the smartphones.

90s Kids

5. Memories
There are many childhood memories etched in our hearts forever. They have stayed with us all these years, and take us back to those days whenever we see anything related to it. When we see a bat, we are taken back to the time when we were the Sachin Tendulkar of our buildings. These memories are our escape from this complicated world, giving us sanity. Never let them go.

90s Kids

Are you a 90s kid too?

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