December 2017

Things You Need For December 2017

What a ride it has been! It seems like just yesterday when we were celebrating 2017, and now it’s almost 2018. What is even happening? December 2017, the final month is upon us and we’re going to rave hard with this one. December has always been the party month. With so many birthdays, Christmas and New Year, celebrations are at their peak in December. Here’s a list of things you’ll need to prepare yourself for December 2017 –

1. Money
I’m hoping you have been saving up for at least two months because December is going to drain you. If you don’t have money, you don’t have anything. December is the month of most birthdays, apart from the two big celebrations lined up at the end that are going to cost you. If you haven’t been saving up, cut down the expenditure on stupid things immediately. Money is everything you need right now.

December 2017

2. Friends
Unless you want to spend Christmas and New Year watching Netflix and eating chips, you will need friends to have fun. Now would be a great time to come out of hibernation and socialize with your existing friends before they completely forget about your existence and make plans with other people. You had your year of being absent from parties and hangouts, don’t spend the party month like that.

December 2017

3. Plans
If you have decided that you want to have a kickass Christmas and New Year, the planning starts now. Before all the places get booked and the only option you have left is convincing your parents to go somewhere so you can host a house party, start planning. Text your friends, ask them about their scene. Google good places according to your budget and get in the party mood. You deserve a kickass December.

December 2017

4. Alcohol
Gear up because December means a lot of booze and a lot of hangovers. Prepare your body for the most bizarre nights that you’ll have a hard time remembering. It’s going to be a little rough on your liver, so you need to brace yourself. And if you don’t drink, you only have limited days to develop a sense of humour. Because if you’re not drinking and not funny, what are you even doing at a party?

December 2017

5. Fun
How would you want to end this year? Doing boring things alone or doing something fun with your friends? If your answer is the latter, December 2017 is your chance to end the year like a boss. Every cell in your body should long for having fun the whole month. Everything amazing that you planned for this year but couldn’t do it because of this and that can be done this month. 2017 won’t come back, do it.

December 2017

Hello December, let’s end this with a bang!

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