Looking for a 1 BHK in Mumbai? How about premium Hotel Stays at the same price.

COVID has made the entire global population realize the immediate need to alternate their living arrangements to accommodate the new normal, while also keeping their safety intact. In the past four months we witnessed some extraordinary re-modelling where every organization sought out to run their operations while working from home; migrant population went back to their respective hometowns and schools and colleges went on an indefinite hiatus. All this led to a never before imagined view of metropolitans like Mumbai coming to a halt.

But, now, the world again is opening up and getting ready to punch back in. Many organizations have resumed their full-time operations. Thus, the working professionals are coming back to recommence their jobs.

While it has been imperative for the businesses to come back into operation in their full capacity to ensure survival, the threat of the pandemic remains. This has put the working professionals into a conundrum, and rightly so. Finding a safe home is everyone’s foremost priority at the moment, and will be long after COVID will be gone. But in a giant city like Mumbai where the exposure to the said virus is much bigger, it isn’t an easy task to find a safe, functional, affordable and comfortable home.

GetSetHome has come up with an efficacious solution to our accommodation issues in the post-COVID world. We already have a wide range of in-budget beautiful properties in every suburb of Mumbai. In addition to this, we have introduced a new category wherein you can have a safe and cozy home in hotel rooms. In collaboration with various hotels, our tenants will be able to enjoy a luxurious, yet homey stay without upsetting their pockets! No more will you have to suffer from the dingy spaces of hostels and PGs which anyway are not the safest options in these times.

Premium Single Room in Hotels, with en suite washrooms and all-inclusive monthly packages at home rent like prices is the safest and most comfortable accommodation alternative to a regular 1 BHK house on rent in Mumbai, especially if you are single and do not wish to share your space with anyone.

Every hotel assures hosting their guests with assured safety and services by their resident staff compared to any outside contacts that increases risks and exposure. Co-living scenarios in a PG, hostel or an individual flat too might not be as safe at the moment because these options lean more towards sharing a place rather than living alone. Although we have spacious and affordable single rooms available in our properties, we want our tenants to know that they now have expanded available options based on their budgets and preferences. Furthermore, in a situation such as today, the affordability to live alone to maintain social distancing seems far-fetched, which this provision of renting a hotel room with us overcomes.  This can prove a viable option for even those who have travelled from abroad and are looking to be quarantined in a safe, secluded and affordable stay.

India, being a globally connected country, has realized that it will have to move back to the pre-COVID life as soon as possible. This is going to be a tough process, with us working out of our safety bubbles. And while a lot of intricacies will have to be looked into by every organization and institution, we at GetSetHome are aiming to do our bid in full capacity to ensure maximum available accommodation options to our tenants with every possible comfort without compromising their safety.  

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