Here’s how you can avoid conflicts with your roommate and enjoy co-living

We are no alien to roommate conflicts thanks to the innumerous we have had sharing room with our siblings. Well, we wish we could say this ends now, but it doesn’t. With co-living as the most convenient and affordable solution to our accommodation problems, as an outstation student or a newbie in the big scary corporate world in a big metropolitan, it is almost impossible to avoid living without roommates. Sharing your bachelor pad brings you some obvious exciting adventures which nobody wants to miss out on. But it also tests your patience toa great extent.

Here are some the most common conflicts you may face with your roommates, and how to resolve them without compromising the comfort level shared by you:

  • Cleanliness:
    Piling up dishes in the sink, wafers wrappers and coke cans strewn about the place can irritate anyone. And nagging someone about keeping the place clean and organized can also feel awkward.
    If you feel this has become a frequent occurrence, be stern and clear in communicating it to your friend. There really isn’t any other way around it.
    Be a good roommate yourself and make sure you make sure you do at-least your best to not keep the place messy.
  • Untimely Disturbance:
    Loud music while you are working or sleeping, smoking inside the room, etc., get on our nerve even if we are living with our BFF!
    Some easy ways to resolve this are asking them to use headphones, applying a ‘no smoking’ protocol. A basic decency and common understanding also come into play here.
  • Uninvited guests:
    When you and roommate have different circle of friends, it can become a little awkward when you have guests over. It can get into the way of your privacy.
    You will have to be a little open about this. Try bonding with the new people you meet so that it is at-least comfortable for you to share the room when they come over. Informing your roommate in advance of such plans is also advised.
  • Breach of Privacy:
    It is a de facto protocol to not go snooping around your roommate’s stuff.
    You should define boundaries to keep your privacy intact. You can also keep separate shelves in the kitchen cupboards to separate your stuff. Separate sections in the bathroom for your toiletries and individual wardrobes are some obvious solutions.
  • Avoiding Responsibilities
    You don’t mind doing the work to keep up the place, but when it all comes on your shoulders, that’s when your frustration piques.
    Make a list of all the work and separate the chores between you and your roommate so that both of you are clear on what is to be done and can’t pin the blame on either for not doing it.

Living with a roommate is all part of the learning process. It makes us more accommodating and patient with life. So, the way to it to be open, relaxed and harmonious. At the same time, these will be your prime years, so don’t waste it all on just cribbing over your roommate!

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