Few tips to keep in mind if you are a single woman living alone:

Living alone in a big city can be a little scary. You are mostly on your own, required to make all the smart decisions. To top it off, if you are a single woman living by herself then it calls for all the more precaution and diligence. You have to find the perfect balance between freedom and safety, because let’s be honest about the situation; the world isn’t crime-free.

Here are a few things to help you have a safe living:

Emergency Numbers
Keep all the emergency numbers handy with you all the time. Get them all on your speed dial. This was you will be able to find them with easy with no time to waste in case of emergencies. Keep someone who is close to you and easily available on speed dial too.

Accessible Phone
Make sure you have your phone accessible to you all the time. Don’t step out of the house without it. Also, keep it charged with a back up power bank on you.

Visiting a Property
If you are visiting rental properties with a broker, then avoid choosing an odd time for it. Also, do a thorough scrutiny into the broker’s details so that you are sure about their legitimacy.

Know your Neighborhood
It is very imperative that you know the ins and outs of your neighborhood well before you move to a new place. Further, try building up a good rapport with a nearby family so that they can help you feel more comfortable settling in a new neighborhood. A family can be more trustworthy.

House Help
Do a thorough screening before you hire a house help. There are good agencies available, like Sulekha, who provide legitimate house help with assured details of the person to make you feel safer.

Playing Clever:
If you go out, then do not advertise it because burglars and criminals look for easy targets. Also, keep your place well lit because usually a well-lit house is avoided by them. Keep the curtains closed to the place so that an outsider doesn’t get an idea how many people are living in the house.

Living alone can be very exciting, but you have to be very careful with your instincts. Trust your gut whenever it gives you a red signal about anything. Although, it is more convenient to live a roommate, but we get to a certain point in life when we prefer to live by ourselves. There a lot of important tips other than the ones listed here, to keep in mind, because nobody can ever be too careful. GetSetHome gets you your perfect home in secure gated societies. Browse your preferred properties sitting at home without going through the troubles of visiting each property in person.

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