Missing your gang? Here’s how you stay connected with your friends during COVID

This lockdown has been pretty harsh on every one of us. And the worst of all, we don’t have our gang to back us up during these hard and lonely times. Lockdown can get a little depressing and lonely when you don’t get to go out much. Also, many of us had to move back to our hometowns, leaving our college life abruptly which makes the missing even more dire.

Even if you weren’t a social butterfly before, you do miss the little things like going out on brunches or for some drinks, bumping into your friends in a club on a Saturday night, etc.

So, it may have been hard for us but we have been blessed with this thing called ‘technology’. The digital world comes to our aid during this weary time and so do we, with these few tips on how to stay connected with your gang during the lockdown:

  • Video Hangouts
    With video meeting platforms such as zoom, you can get an online party going with as many as hundred friends even during the lockdown. You can also enjoy some breakfast meetings via video calls.
  • Workout Pacts
    It has become imperative to keep up with your fitness and boost your immune system to have better chances to fight any such ailment in the present and future. Make a pact with your gang to follow a workout at their homes. Following a workout routine becomes much easier when you do it together as it keeps up your morale.
  • Carpool Karaoke
    If you and friends live nearby, then you can get together and go for a drive, avoiding public places like cafes or parks. One brilliant idea is planning for a carpool karaoke. Tune in your go-to tunes and sing along and make the ride more fun than ever!
  • Exchange online recipes
    With nothing much to do, everyone has sought to become a chef during this pandemic. We are trying some out of the world recipes and maybe we can ace it up by sharing the same with our friends. To spice things up, try similar recipes and see who got a better hold of them.
  • Walk down the memory lane
    Take a long walk together with the gang down the memory lane and make a video diary with all your videos and send it to your friends. You can also use the social media platforms to reminisce your key moments with your crew.

So, there you have it! Some simple ways to keep yourself from missing out on your friends. The pandemic is hard but we have to find a way to fight it together, while not physically being together. It sounds a tad difficult but with technological advances as today and our spirit of putting up a strong fight, we can really be all in this together!

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