Keeping your mind and body healthy during COVID

There is no doubt that the COVID pandemic has made us conscious about our health more than ever. We now understand how imperative it is to have a strong immune system to fight off a prospective disease. But keeping yourself fit during lockdown can be a big challenge in itself. Confined all day long in the walls of your home, can take a toll on our minds.

We are used to taking some time off and going for run, or hitting the gym or going for a swim, not just to keep ourselves physically fit but also to crowd out the daily suffocation of work and get some peace of mind. Since, that isn’t going to be an option for some time now, we have listed out a few easy go-to tips to keep yourself fit and running during this pandemic:

  • Avoid ordering in
    Start by something small like avoiding take-outs. Slumping all day in our sofas at home can leverage us into continuous munching and eating junk food. Quit that. It is anyway safer to cook your own meals at home to avoid unnecessary exposure from outside. You have a lot of time to in your hands now, so, exploit that by going through some healthy recipes online and try them out at your home itself. And no, ordering even a salad from outside doesn’t count.
  • Plan your meals
    Maintaining a schedule when you are locked in your home with work and home to manage, can be pretty stressful. You sometimes loose track of the time you had your last meal, or you are constantly snacking. If you think the former should work out fine and help you lose those extra pounds you have been meaning to shed, then you are wrong. You need a constantly high-powered driven mind and body to maintain your regular schedule and be fit at the same time. To do that, plan your meals every day. Fixating time for your three meals of day and some snacks will help you keep better track of your intake.
  • Get physical regularly
    Don’t try to get cheeky reading this headline! We understand that doing the same set of exercise can get monotonous when you do not get to go out much. Instead, try at least some kind of physical activity every day. You can try yoga, get yourself a skipping rope, do some cardio or even just do some sets of up and downs on your stairs. Just keep in mind, that it is necessary to not remain a stoic lump during the lockdown.
  • Ditch Carbs
    This is the next, heavy step. Ditch carbs and opt for protein and fiber-rich meals. It is a known fact that in the journey of getting (and staying) fit, your diet plays a bigger role than your exercise. Fiber rich meals will not make you lazy and will also help you maintain your immune system.
  • Mental Peace
    Keeping everything into consideration, keeping up your morale is an important deal right now. Make sure you don’t wear out yourself too much in the pursuit of maintaining everything all at once while being stuck at home. Give yourself some time to relax. Meditate, listen to some calming music or even just sit in your balcony for some time in fresh air.

The wait for getting things back to normal might be a little longer than we expected, but it is important we make sure our minds and bodies are all set to keep running to fight off this pandemic. While everything else might not be in your control, your health sure is. So, be extra cautious during these hard times, avoid going out and make the best of whatever you have ready at home. And remember, a healthy mind and body has a much better chance to fight.

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