GOT Season 6 Episode 3

GOT Season 6 Episode 3 – Oathbreaker Review

Dear Lord, thank you for Game Of Thrones and internet, Mondays are a blessing for Indian Game of Thrones fans. What used to be a boring day till April 24th, has become a the most anticipated day of the week, and will continue to be so till the 10th episode airs. Game of Thrones Season 6 is here, with it’s third episode, and oh how we’re glued to screens! Episode 3 saw a number of ups and downs, and the stage is set for a massive season to truly begin.

“Daenerys meets her future. Bran meets the past. Tommen consults the High Sparrow. Arya trains to be No One. Varys finds an answer. Ramsay gets a gift.” – the synopsis for Episode 3, and so very apt.

1. At the Dothraki Sea

Daenerys finally arrives at Vaes Dothrak, and meets the widows of other Khals. She’s pretty pissed, that she is, as this is clearly not her plan. How is she going to conquer the world and make a move to the west living away from her army and allies? To worsen things, the High Priestess of Dosh Khaleen conveys Daenerys that her future will now be decided by the Khalasars, for she didn’t come to Dosh Khaleen directly after Khal Drogo’s death but instead choose to travel the world and conquer places. Poor Dany! It’s really tough out there for women.

GOT Season 6 Episode 3

2. Beyond the Wall

Bran Stark made an appearance in the last episode where he gets these visions of the past, which clearly means that the past has something very important that’s going to affect the future. Is it Jon’s identity, or Rhaegar’s truth, or Ned’s actions, or something to do with Lyanna and Robert? We would get to know it in this episode if only the Three Eyed Raven wasn’t such a spoilsport. Third episode’s vision showed us some important characters of the past including Howland Reed and Sir Arthur Dayne, and also Lyanna’s screams (we could also see her face but thanks Three Eyed Raven). A fight breaks out between Ned and his gang with Sir Arthur Dayne, who would have been impossible to defeat if Howland hadn’t stabbed him in the back. Just as Ned is about to enter the tower of joy, the Three Eyed Raven just kills the mood and ends the vision right there. Like seriously Three Eyed Raven, just stop doing this, you’re killing us man.

GOT Season 6 Episode 3

3. At King’s Landing

Back at King’s Landing, Cersei, Jaime and Gregor (more like demon child) are making stops here and there. First they visit Qyburn, who is trying to win the favour of Varys Little Birds (small children) by giving them sweets. So typical! Cersei asks Qyburn to send these Little Birds to all the places where people are trying to take advantages to the current situation of the Lannisters. Their next stop is at the Small Council, where they ask Kevan to take action against the Sand Snakes who murdered Myrcella. As the Council cannot make them leave, Kevan, Grand Maester Pycelle, Olenna Tyrell and Mace Tyrell leave the room themselves, leaving behind the disappointed twins and their demon pet.

GOT Season 6 Episode 3

4. At Braavos

Arya Stark, our little heroine, is no longer letting anybody beat the shit out of her. Her training towards being No One is succeeding, and taking matters into her own hand, Arya is not going to let her blindness come in between her goals. She constantly struggles while fighting with Waif, but is able to defend herself in the end. Jaqen, the mystery man, offers her a bowl of water after which her eyesight is restored. On being asked what her name is, Arya replies “No One”. We’re getting somewhere now.

GOT Season 6 Episode 3

5. At Meereen

Back at Meereen, we see Varys meeting a woman named Vala, who conspired with the Sons of Harpy to attack Meereen. We get to know that Daenerys isn’t really popular with her subjects, some of them only think of her as a “foreign queen”. Promising her that he is not going to torture her, Varys offers her a deal by sending her and her son to Pentos with a bag full of silver to be able to start a new life, but in return she must tell him who is funding the Sons of Harpy, or she will be executed, leaving an orphan boy behind her. Tyrion (our hero) tries to pass time with grey Worm and Missandei, while Varys enters informing Tyrion that the Wise Masters of Yunkai, Good Masters of Astapor and the Free City of Volantis have been funding the guys with golden masks. Tyrion asks Varys to get his Little Birds to arrange a meeting with these masters. What we really want to see is Tyrion riding a dragon. Please make that happen soon.

GOT Season 6 Episode 3

6. At Winterfell

Ramsay Bolton, the Christian Grey (only worse) of the North meets Smalljon Umber who wants to form an alliance with the Boltons against Jon Snow and the wildlings. What is perhaps the worst part of the episode is that Smalljon has brought a “gift” for Ramsay, which at first is just two hooded people, but turns out, it’s Osha and Rickon. What do the writers have against the Starks? Let them live, please! Smalljon even killed Shaggydog, not allowing the direwolves to stay alive as well. Ramsay’s “Welcome Lord Stark” gave people the chills. What are you going to do to him Ramsay? Please let the boy live!

GOT Season 6 Episode 3

7. At Castle Black

And the best for the last, at Castle Black, Jon Snow is alive and upright. YAY! Waking up, Jon feels feeble and isn’t able to stand up properly. Ser Davos helps him while Melisandre, not able to believe that she brought him back, asks Jon as to what he saw after he died, to which he replies “nothing”. Jon then sets out of the room, dressed as the Lord Commander, reuniting with his friends. Most of the men are awestruck, believing that he is some kind of God, and a little weirded out too, as obviously you don’t see people coming back from death on a daily basis. A public trial for the real traitors is help including Bowen Marsh, Othel Yarwyck, Alliser Throne and that little rogue Olly. After listening to their last words and Olly’s death stare of hatred, Jon cuts lose the rope leaving them to die. Judge me or whatever but I just loved seeing Olly die. What happens next is astonishing. Jon takes of his cloak and hands it to Edd, saying he can do anything with the cloak unofficially announcing him as the next Lord Commander, while he walks away saying “my watch has ended”, leaving behind everyone in shock. Yes Jon, leave the deserted place, find your brothers and sisters, avenge the Starks and conquer the world. We believe in you!

GOT Season 6 Episode 3
Now let’s wait for next Monday for the 4th Episode, which will unleash other truths of the past and build the future. Winter Is Coming!

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