How To Deal With Rude People

How To Deal With Rude People

Life is already a big box of disappointment that in no way is about to get better. And then, you come across people in life who make it harder. It’s hard to be nice in a world where people all around you are just downright rude all the time. You don’t have to tolerate their nonsense at all. Here’s how to deal with rude people –

1. Whenever they’re about to say something to you, quickly run off to the nearest exit you can find because you don’t want to be listening to whatever rude thing they’re about to say.
2. If they say something rude to you, reduce the tension by saying something funny or talking about a funny incident so they know their rudeness is not affecting you at all.
3. Talk to them in private and ask them what their problem is exactly. Confronting them directly will give them a signal that you’re not going to keep quiet when they insult you.
4. If they say anything to you that is rude, don’t show any sort of emotion. Don’t be angry, sad or annoyed by their words. Just stand there bluntly until they realize their mistake.
5. See if there’s something that’s troubling them. People often get irritated and rude towards others when they are annoyed about something. Ask them politely if they’re doing fine.
6. Don’t take it personally even if they really did mean it personally. There might be something troubling them and if that’s not the case, what other people say shouldn’t bother you at all.
7. Every time they say something rude to you, reply back with politeness. Just smile back at them. They’ll get to know that how much ever they instigate you, you’re not going to be affected by it.
8. If someone is habitually rude to you, maintain your distance with them. It’s not healthy for you to be around someone who doesn’t know the basic courtesy¬†and manners of talking to people.
9. In no way should you allow the rude person affect you. Don’t try to define yourself with everything they say. Overthinking about it is not going to get you anywhere. Just chill.
10. Try to make them see and understand how rude they really sound. Most times, people don’t know when they’re being rude to the other person. Point it out to them and maybe they’ll know.

Or you could just punch them in the face.

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