Things not to say to someone who's angry

Things not to say to someone who’s angry

We’ve all been angry or had to deal with someone who’s angry at some point in life. It’s one thing to give someone their own space when they’re pissed, and a completely different thing to say something nonsensical that can infuriate an already angry person. The following are some of the things not to say to someone who’s angry.

1. “I was just kidding.”
Let’s not kid anyone, you said that offensive thing completely aware about the reaction you would be receiving. Adding a “I was just kidding” in the end of your purposely chosen words isn’t going to help anyone, not even you. If you thought “I was just kidding” would be of any help, let me tell you that it’s not. Not only the other person knows the you were totally not kidding, but also kind of makes them want to slit your throat and feast over it.

2. “You look so cute when angry .”
Don’t even try to bring this up because you’ll be digging your own grave. If you thought that you could get away by complimenting how they look cute when angry, you’re being stupid. Nobody looks cute when angry and everyone knows that. Not only will they be angry on your previous comment, but also think you’re making fun of them by saying they look cute when they clearly look like the Hulk. If you don’t want to end up being bashed like Loki, refrain for using these words.

3. “Be a sport.”
You cannot expect someone to accept negative criticism with a smile. You cannot expect someone to laugh off everything offensive you say about them. Because they’re not mean like you, they won’t resort to giving you a taste of your own medicine. You cannot expect people to be sport when you cross a limit. If you have, kindly shut up and don’t say “be a sport” to someone you just insulted. They are already being a sport by letting you breathe around them.

4. “Are you going to hit me?”
They’re already pissed at you or at something. You know they’re angry and they should be given their own space to calm down. You know you should probably keep your mouth shut instead of saying things like this. When you say this, you’re giving them ideas of venting out their anger. Questioning their ability to hit you can be a really idiotic move as you know they’re very much capable of sending you to the hospital in one punch. Would you like that? You wouldn’t.

5. “Calm down.”
Oh wow, nobody every thought of that! How effective that is! How could nobody think of this amazing philosophy? When you’re angry, all you need to do is calm down. Such science, much wow! Saying “calm down” to someone who is angry is just as effective as yelling “please” to a hungry lion as he’s about to stike you with his paw. IT DOESN’T MAKE ANY DIFFERENCE. Why did you even think that was going to help? What you should be doing is moving 10 kilometers away.

Don’t be stupid.

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