Why October Is One Of The Best Months

We’re just two months away from another year. Can you believe it? Just some days ago we were celebrating 2018 on a balcony at a house party, drunk and contemplating life. And now, that time of the year will be here again. We still have two months to go. Which is a lot of time to end this stupid year on an incredible note. October means a lot of things. It means gearing up for a fantastic end, among other things. This month makes people very happy. Know why October is one of the best months –

October is the hub of festivals. Navratri, Dussehra, Diwali, you name it. It has the whole collection of yearly festivals fit in one month. And you know what festivals in India mean, right? They mean another reason to get with family and friends, celebrating the festivals through dance, music and food.


Two months for the new year
It’s the tenth month of the year. In two months, we’ll be in a new year, away from all the atrocities and mistakes of this year. That also means you need to start making plans for New Year as soon as possible. Get on WhatsApp groups and decide who you will welcome 2019 with.


As October has many festivals, it also has many holidays. And what do holidays mean, boys and girls? They mean chilling at your own, watching Netflix and sipping on beers till the next day. Gear up the holidays with a lot of food and drinks. That’s the correct way of spending holidays if you ask me.


Birthday season
The last three months of the year have the most birthdays. People who are born in these months are also the coolest people on earth, no debate needed. I’m sure you will have many birthdays coming up to prepare for. Get ready to start planning surprise birthday parties for the next two months.


And, perhaps, the best part of October is Halloween. Thanks to the internet, we know some of the cool festivals celebrated in the West. The best of all being Halloween. Dressing up as ghosts and spirits, and other goth characters are what the day is all about. Start preparing for Halloween right now.


Welcome, October. Please be nice.

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