Truths of PG Accomodation

The harsh truths of PG Accommodations

Paying Guests are the most adjusting and patient people in the world. If you ever have the opportunity to come across someone who lives as a paying guest, treat them with respect, or just go onto hug them, they desperately need it. Often advertised as being cheap and affordable, paying guest accommodation has a dark side to it, which is experienced within seconds of moving in. What may seem as affordable, turns out to be more costly than renting a flat to yourself. Listing the realities of the PG world, here are the truths of PG accommodation –

1. A typical PG advertisement may say “3 BHK apartment with two bathrooms and a living room”, but it means completely different in reality. Deciphering the PG morse code, a “3BHK” means 1 Room Kitchen, “Two bathrooms” means a small congested area, the space of which is less than that of your wardrobe at home and “Living Room” means a small room accommodated by 10 people at once.

Truths pf PG Accomodation

2. You see the advertisement, impressed by which you visit the property and get to know exactly what it is. After feeling cheated, you somehow decide to live as a PG, thinking about the pocket-friendly living accommodation, ready to make some adjustments. At first it’s told to you that the “bedroom” will be shared by two people, that is you and another paying guest. After moving in, you realize it’s Dadar station at the apartment with no such thing as “bedroom”. Sigh! Such is life.

Truths of PG Accomodation

3. When you live as a paying guest at any apartment, there is no such thing as “personal space” or “privacy”. You’re living with 10 people in a small apartment, what else could you expect? Home is supposed to be a place where you can relax yourself and think peacefully, not a place where you are bombarded with problems of 10 other people. But alas! Living as a paying guest is definitely not easy.

Truths of PG Accommodation

4. Talking about the affordability of PG accommodation, it is everything other than being affordable. Let’s say you’re living as a paying guest at an apartment. If it doesn’t cover your food expenses, you have to buy food everyday, as most PG accommodations don’t provide with a kitchen, because kitchen is one of the rooms (I’m really not kidding). If it covers your food expenses, the food the provide is far from being edible. You end up spending more than your budget every month which doesn’t really qualify as being “affordable”.

Truths of PG Accommodation

5. PG accommodations are filled with many people. You never know who you’re going to end up with, whether their habits are going to bother you or not, whether you’ll be able to adjust to their lifestyle or not, whether they’ll be good roommates to befriend or not, such questions have uncertain answers. And even if you don’t like them after moving in, there’s really nothing you can do about it. For living in a peaceful environment, it is necessary to be living with people you like.

Truths of PG Accomodation

6. There are so many restrictions when you live as a paying guest, it’s really difficult to live in that atmosphere. When you agree to live as a paying guest, you involuntarily accept the “you shall have no life” clause. Forget about getting your friends in the apartment, or even your parents who might visit you once a while if you live far away from them. As a paying guest, your life is confined to the space allotted to you.

Truths of PG Accomodation

7. And lastly, every human wants to be surrounded with things that make them feel comfortable, especially the sofa and bed, where most of the time is spent, relaxing after a stressful day at work. PG accommodations do not provide with furniture, and if they do, it’s low-quality. Where will you be putting your things or even sleeping for that matter? At a PG Accommodation, probably on the floor. 

Truths of PG Accommodation


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