Why school friends will always be better at understanding you than others

There was once a time in life, where the only thing we had to worry about, was not doing your homework. Life then was easy, and full of innocence. And it is during this time that we make friendships that last a lifetime. Spending all those school hours together, running through the corridors, sitting in the last bench and making little innocent jokes and laughing uncontrollably at them, we’ve lived the best time of our lives with these friends. And here is why these school friends will always be better at understanding you than others –

1. They’ve seen you grow

Right from the beginning when you entered a new class and sat down contemplating what will you be doing for the whole year if you don’t make any friends, to the time when you still haven’t said goodbye to any of them, these friends have been a huge part of your life. A life that would have been totally different if they weren’t in it. From seeing you as a kid doing really stupid things, to an adult that you are now, these school friends are known to all your phases and sometimes, have been the driving force of the change in you.

School friends

2. They know you

Are you blessed with a friend who knows all your habits and tastes, and knows exactly what you like or dislike? You have a treasure there. And it’s probably a school friend, because to know a person that deeply, you need to know them for a long time. Whether introverts or extroverts, we all take a long time to open up to someone emotionally and connect with them, it’s the human nature. You might know many people and hangout with them more often, but it’s a school friend who’d know that you like your fries crispy with ketchup at the side.

School Friends

3. They are always available

From breakups to pep talks, you’d never turn to a random friend to help you out, it’s going to be a school friend, a friend who knows your better. When late at night you’re having a really weak moment for the silliest thing, you’ll call/text your buddy to talk to you. And even if it’s 3 am in the morning, these crazy insomniacs are going to be up, as if it is all a part of a plan. With them by your side, you always have a shoulder to cry on, and a person to talk to. And the best part about all of this, they never judge you.

School Friends

4. They’re the only people you have real fun with

Cracked a really silly joke and no one’s laughing? You did it in front of the wrong people. Crack the same stupid jokes in front of your school friends, and no, they don’t laugh too, but they make fun of you, which makes it funnier. You’ll always have the one school friend in your group with whom you laugh together. Road trips, a single day outing or even an evening playing Monopoly with school friends is more fun than going to any club. Having a rough evening? Meet a school friend and relive the memories.

School Friens

5. They’re a gift

All these years, these people have been a great influence on your life. Through thick and thin, when problems were as little as losing an eraser to as big as losing a family member, they have been there, always. With them around, you can never feel alone, for they are always going to be by your side like they do. From your really stupid old Facebook posts, to your new accomplishments, they’ll share a laugh and be proud of who you are. And such friends, are a gift to every human being, for it is hard to find people like them again.

School friends

Good friends are like stars, you don’t always see them, but you know they are always there.

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