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Thoughts we all had after watching GOT S6 E01

Introduced in 2011, Game Of Thrones went on to become the biggest show in the history of television. Followed religiously by people worldwide, the show’s sixth season is the most anticipated yet, because for this, we have no books. The fate of our beloved characters is in the hands of the writers at Game Of Thrones, and the first episode itself has us all gritted. Listed below are the things that we all felt after watching the first episode of Season 6 –

1. “Wake up, Jon!”

Season 5 ended with the most heartbreaking and depressing death of all the seasons combined. Our Jon Snow was stabbed to death by his own men at the night’s watch, and that little piece of shit, Olly. The universe can’t fathom the hole that his death left in our hearts. Since last year we have been hoping that Melisandre will resurrect him, that’s how much we all love Jon Snow. The opening episode of season 6 showed Jon lying on the floor, and to break our hearts even more, Ghost’s cry could be heard in the background. And all we said in our minds was “Wake up, Jon!”

Game of thrones

2. “If only I could kill Olly!”

The most evil child ever born, Olly, the kid who went from good books to bad books within a season is being cursed since the last year. Jon died taking his stupid name, showing how much he cared for the boy, and that last stab just showed what Jon got back in return. In the episode where Alliser Thorne stands in front of the night’s watch claiming that he killed Snow, we see Olly’s face for sometime, and I swear by the Old Gods and The New, I would give anything to just for once get inside the screen and stab him with a kitchen knife, just like any other Game Of Thrones fan.

Game of thrones

3. “Where’s Bran? Show us Bran!”

Not shown even once since the 4th season, Bran is being missed. The entire 5th season we wanted to see what happened to him after meeting the three-eyed raven, but they skipped him there. Ever since the trailer of season 6 has been out, we are all dying to see his grown up face and know what’s up with him. We will obviously know about it in the coming episodes, but a tiny little scene showing about his whereabouts wouldn’t have harmed them. After all, they owe us that after not showing him in the whole season. Show us Bran!

Game of thrones

4. “Look, it’s Theon!”

Sansa and Reek, after jumping from the wall at Winterfell survived and we couldn’t be more happy. Safe from the clutches of sadistic Ramsay Bolton, and after hours of running, they’re finally found and rescued by Brienne, the real beauty. The scene where they are saved from Ramsay’s men by Brienne is where everyone was happy that finally something good was happening to Sansa after all this while. But the best was the scene that followed, where Reek picks up a sword and saves Podrick from one of the men, and shows signs of the good Theon Greyjoy he used to be.

Game of thrones

5. “Cersei, no!”

We can expect Cersei to be the bitch she is. But what the first episode promised, is revenge taken by the twin siblings/lovers for everything they’ve lost. Jaime coming back with Myrcella’s body breaks Cersei’s heart, and why wouldn’t it, she was her daughter after all. For the first time in many years, we see a vulnerable side of Cersei, weeping over the prophecy that she fears might come true. Jaime is disheartened too, but he promises Cersei that they will “they are the only ones that matter and everything they’ve taken from us, we’re going to take back and more” hinting that there’s going to be a Lannister war soon.  Season 6 is here, y’all, and so is the season of revenge and war.

Game of thrones

6. “Save Meereen and Khaleesi, Tyrion!”

Taken back to the east, our attention is focused on Meereen, where Tyrion (our hero) and Varys are wandering the streets to witness what people are going through.  After Daenerys made a dramatic exit on drogon, things aren’t going too well for her. Found by a Dothraki horde, she is shown tied up while the two Dothraki men pass elicit comments at her. Knowing about her being a Khaleesi, Khal Moro promises to leave her as it is forbidden to touch a widow Khaleesi, but she’s now supposed to be going to a place where widow Khaleesis lead their lives alone. Will Drogon come to his mother’s rescue? Will Jorah and Daario ever find Daenerys? Will Tyrion and Varys be able to restore peace at the city that now is filled with terror and fire? Is Tyrion going to meet the dragons? We better find the answers in the coming episodes.

Game of thrones

7. “Whaaat? Red Woman?”

Melisandre, our only hope for Jon’s resurrection is the highlight of the first episode. At first she is seen entering the room where Jon’s body has been kept and touches his face. Disappointment is clearly visible from her face, for what she saw in the flames needed Jon Snow to be alive. His death saddened her and the she knew something had to be done. As the episode is about to end, Melisandre is seen standing in front of the mirror and soon her beautiful self turns into that of an old lady as soon as she removes the necklace. And all we could do was stare in astonishment. Who is this old, magical and mysterious woman named Melisandre? Do we know her at all? All we know is there’s something huge that’s going to happen. Will she use all her powers to revive Jon? Will she survive the season and live for the next? Is this the beginning of a new end? We’ll have to wait to get answers to all these questions.

Game of thrones

Stay tuned, more episodes are coming!

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