Modern Day Necessities

Modern Day Necessities

Times have changed. We have evolved from when food was the only necessity. But imagine, what would it be like to roam around hunting and gathering food without anything else to worry about. Sounds like something we all definitely cannot do. Modern day necessities are things we cannot function without. If we are told to do that, we’ll probably lose our minds. Call it addiction or anything you want, we’re all guilty of using them so often that the following things have become a part of our life. These are some of the modern day necessities we cannot live without –

1. Mobile
Living without a mobile phone is probably the harshest punishment of all. Because mobile phones are not just a means of communication anymore. They tell us about the world, hold our deepest secrets and keep us connected to others. Life without a mobile these days is next to impossible. Those who do it should be applauded.

Modern Day Necessities

2. Headphones
What do you do when someone you don’t like is around? Or when you’re at this really boring party where they are playing shitty music? How about when you want to eavesdrop on a conversation and pretend you can’t hear anything? Also, when you need a break from everything and dive into your favourite songs? Now you get why they are a necessity.

Modern Day Necessities

3. Netflix
When you’re someone who doesn’t like to sit idle, you need a platform that gives you quality content. Thank god for Netflix, we don’t have to spend hours waiting for our favourite shows to come on TV. Netflix is a necessity for anyone who loves watching stories. Once you have it, you’ll not mind paying the amount. Every penny spend it worth it when it comes to Netflix.

Modern Day Necessities

4. Social Media Accounts
Firstly, I have to acknowledge people who are out there, living without social media accounts. You guys are the real MVPs. You have your life under control. And to others, welcome to the club of social media addicts. We’re a big fat family of people who have given into validation, likes and the need to socially belonging. We started from Orkut and now we’re here.

Modern Day Necessities

5. Eating outside
It’s not like you can’t cook. It’s not like you have a lot of money to spend on food outside. But you still manage to eat outside at least thrice a month because that’s a necessity. You either get bored of eating at home every day or are tired of tasting the same thing. Everyone likes change. The need to eat outside is common among all of us.

Modern Day Necessities

Yeah, it’s more of an addiction.

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