Diwali Hangover

Diwali Hangover And Its Effects

As much as you wouldn’t like to hear this, but Diwali is over. The five-day vacation that you had, where you did nothing productive but binge-watched shows, comes to and end. Monday will come tomorrow. We will have no break for a whole month now. However, the worst part of all this is going back to work. We are all going to have a Diwali hangover for at least two weeks, and here’s how it will affect us –

1. Sleepy through the week

One thing that you can expect from the coming week is being too sleepy to do anything. For five days, we all did nothing but wake up at 12 every day. Because it was five days, we’re all now into a habit of waking up late. But that won’t be possible from tomorrow. So, get ready for your alarms and disappointments.

Diwali Hangover

2. Zero motivation

When you don’t work for five days, you get into a habit of not working. You may have numerous deadlines approaching in the coming weeks, but you will have zero motivation to do all your work. That is all a part of the massive Diwali hangover which may eventually get you fired if you don’t pull your act together.

Diwali Hangover

3. Social media

For a few days, you will be actively watching social media. You will also be contributing a lot through your profile because of a million pictures you clicked wearing ethnic clothes in hundred different angles. You will put up pictures across Instagram and sob because the moment has passed, and you have to get back to life.

Diwali Hangover

4. Many thoughts

Diwali hangover will delve deep into your mind and make you think of a lot of things. The common thoughts that will definitely cross your mind are leaving your job, inventing a time machine or getting adopted by rich people so you don’t have to earn your living. These may seem good ideas but are a waste of time.

Diwali Hangover

5. Waiting for December

And lastly, you will finally realize that it’s time to let go of Diwali and focus on your work. You will finally get over the hangover. It will take at least three weeks for you to get there. You will start to understand the way time works and start awaiting Christmas. That will be your hope for the next month. Good luck!

Diwali Hangover

Have faith people. Christmas is coming!

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