Best Horror Shows

Best Horror Shows To Watch Right Now

Not many people love the horror genre. And there is a fair reason for that. Only some movies and shows have been able to capture the audience, while others are just examples of bad CGI and cliched storylines.
While movies are still bearable to watch, horror shows haven’t been able to make a mark. But that has been changing, thanks to the following shows.
Right from scares to stories that entice will entice you, these are some of the best horror shows to watch right now.

1. The Haunting of Hill House

Shirley Jackson’s novel of the same name is regarded as one of the best horror novels ever written. The show, a loose adaptation of the novel, is now one of the best horror shows.

The show follows the story of the Crain family whose lives change forever as they start residing in the eerie Hill House. The Haunting of Hill House is not just a horror story.

It has emotions and themes, with a hell lot of ghosts that are hiding right in front of your nose. Need more reason to watch? Stephen King approves it.
Best Horror Shows

2. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

 Archie Comics gave us Sabrina Spellman, the beloved teenage witch. We all loved her as she is one of our gal pals from childhood. However, don’t expect the same from Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.
The show diverts away from the soft story of Sabrina The Teenage Witch and puts forth a much darker, scarier adaptation.
Sabrina has still torn apart between the witch world and the mortal world. But her experiences and the depiction of the darkness in this series makes it a perfect horror show.
Best Horror Shows

3. Bates Motel

 Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho gave us Norman Bates, a protagonist whose name is enough to send chills down our spines. Every horror lover knows what a brilliant yet heartbreaking character Norman was.
Bates Motel is an adaptation of Psycho, going deep into Norman’s upbringing and why he turned out to be a psycho killer. We begin to understand the character’s mind, how his mother Norma influenced his life so much and why he is who he is. Bates Motel is more of a psychological thriller.
Best Horror Shows

4. Black Mirror

This British series does not have ghosts, spirits, and goblins. It does not have demons lurking under the bed. But it’s still scary. The beauty of Black Mirror is that each episode is a story of its own.

There is no link between stories, except for one, and that is technology. It explores how the future may be better with all the advancements but also, how it can be frightening.

Black Mirror has four seasons with most episodes ending in a disaster. Only a few episodes like San Junipero and Hang The DJ end on a lighter note.
Best Horror Shows

5. Mindhunter

 Horror is all around us. It’s not just in the movies we watch. The bad is always lurking in the society we live in. Mindhunter is a terrifying example of that. Set in the 70s, the show about the Behavioural Science Unit of the FBI.

Two officers trying to understand the minds of some of history’s gruesome serial killers and fight their own demons. The most chilling part about this series is that it is based on real-life people who have done some unspeakable things and yet have no remorse. It’s a must watch, especially for all the scenes featuring Ed Kemper.

Best Horror Shows
These best horror shows are all available on Netflix. Let the binge-watching begin!
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