People Who Don't Share Food

Things That Happen To People Who Don’t Share Food

Food is what binds people together. As long the binding doesn’t involve giving some of the food you had been dreaming about since yesterday has to be shared with another person. In that case, food leads to war. It leads to the destruction of the world which could have been avoided if only one person was allowed to sit and have his beloved food with no one’s disturbance.

People who don’t share food find it difficult to be around those who believe in sharing is caring. Following are things that happen to people who don’t share food –

1. The constant fear of someone asking for the food that you’ll be eating always runs through your mind. You cannot control it.

2. You prefer eating alone, in peace and quiet, where no one comes so that you can enjoy every bite like it should be enjoyed.

People Who Don't Share Food

3. At work, if you have ordered your favourite food, you usually like to eat it at your desk with headphones on so that no one disturbs you.

4. You have always hidden the food that you cannot finish in one sitting somewhere no one can find. We all do it. No shame.

People Who Don't Share Food

5. It pisses you off beyond a limit when someone sees you peacefully eating and have the audacity to ask if they can have a bite.

6. You have shared your food when someone asks because you’re a nice person but secretly hope the person dies soon.

People Who Don't Share Food

7. When your mom makes you share food with your sibling, you give your sibling the death stare so that they refuse on their own.

8. When someone eats the food you had been looking forward to since the whole day, your whole blood boils like the lava in a volcano.

People Who Don't Share Food

9. When you order fries and ask your friend to order for themselves and they refuse, you know you’re going to spend the next hour cursing them

10. You can share anything with people but when it comes to sharing your food, you know you can never do that and feel no regrets over it.

People Who Don't Share Food

Welcome to Club People Who Don’t Share Food!

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