Game Of Thrones : The Door

Tell me, did you weep? Did your heart break into a million pieces just like everyone else’s did? Did you want to just hit the pause button in the middle of that scene to take a minute and digest whatever was going on? Did you want to get inside the screen and help Hodor while the White Walkers tore into his flesh? Did you cry? You aren’t human if you didn’t. Game Of Thrones is at it again. Emotionally wrecking us since 2011, by the end of the series we will all turn into stones, heartless. All we’ve learnt is brutal ways of killing people. And still here we are, every Monday (early this week, thanks to the leak), allowing this series to torture our minds and hearts. We’re all definitely masochists.

1. Hodor, you beauty!

Loyalty now has a name, and in case you didn’t know, it’s Hodor. Seeing characters die on Game Of Thrones is more common than witnessing fights in ladies compartments of Mumbai locals. So why did Hodor’s death hurt so much? Why was this giant’s death more disheartening than any other’s? You know why. The most innocent character of all in Game Of Thrones dies. A character who only spoke Hodor, whose cuteness made you want to hug him hard and whose loyalty to the Starks inspired you, died. The world isn’t the same anymore. He sacrificed his life for Brandon Stark, and the words “Hold The Door” still echo in our ears. That one scene where young Wyllis(Hodor) is shown in Bran’s vision, where Bran wargs into young Wyllis within the vision, so that in the real world he and Meera can escape from the White Walkers is the most intense scene in Game Of Thrones history. In the real world, Meera yells “Hold The Door” which can be heard by both Wyllis and Bran in the vision, and that’s how “Hold The Door” because Hodor. The way Bran looks at Wyllis, comprehending how Wyllis became Hodor and how he sacrifices himself so that he and Meera can escape melts our heart. We feel you, Bran, we really do.

Game of thrones : the door

2. Sibling goals

Siblings in Game Of Thrones are a controversial relationship. We have Cersei and Jaime, who are involved in an incestuous relationship. We had Viserys and Daenerys, the former believing that his sister is a material he can exchange to gain an army. We have Cersei and Tyrion, where Cersei wants to butcher her own blood. We have the Stark siblings, who haven’t seen each other since since a long time and don’t even know whether they’re alive or not. Amidst all this madness are Theon and Yara Greyjoy, giving us all #SiblingGoals in the Seven Kingdoms. Theon having returned to his home wants his sister to rule the Iron Islands, now that Balon Greyjoy is dead. As is true for The Seven Kingdoms and the real world here, the people don’t want to be ruled by a Queen. Theon gives valid reason as to why Yara is the perfect ruler, she knows the seas well, she’s capable and she’s tough. At a point people were convinced, but enter Euron Greyjoy. This is the second time we see him after he murdered his own brother. Another example of how controversial sibling relationships are. He puts forth his reasons as to why he should be the ruler of Iron Islands, and the people are convinced. While the process of King making is going on, Yara and Theon escape the Iron Islands, known to the fact that the first thing Euron would do is murder them. And they just don’t escape, they steal all the ships. Way to go you both, sail away and meet Daenerys. She’s going to rule the Seven Kingdoms anyway.

Game of thrones : the door

3. What’s cooking Tormund and Brienne?

A typical Bollywood love story is doing rounds at Castle Black. Wildling hero Tormund likes Brienne, who is a hero herself. Violins starting playing in his heart ever since Brienne of Tarth set foot at Castle Black, reuniting Sansa and Jon. Who can forget the meat incident that happened last episode. Tormund has no chill. Right now, he’s giving those expressions of a pervert and Brienne is not impressed. To please someone like her, Tormund has got to dial up his game and stop with those expressions. Maybe he could take some tips from Jon. But isn’t it totally Bollywood? Guy likes the girl, she is not impressed, and maybe we haven’t reached that phase yet here, but along the way they fall in love. There has to be some situation wherein he saves her life from fire and walks holding her by the arms. Although here, Brienne will definitely be the one saving him. She’s Brienne of Tarth, she doesn’t need rescuing. We’ll finally see a coming of the age love story unless of course the writers ruin this too. We had so much hope for Ygritte and Jon, that didn’t end quite well. Tyrion and Shae was also a Game Of Thrones couple we liked, until Tywin had to ruin it for them. Our only hope right now are Sam and Gilly. It’s still time for Tormund and Brienne to be a thing but hey, we are heading towards it.

Game of thrones : The door

4. No, Sansa!

Trusting Baelish is not a good idea at all. This is something we learned in the first season itself. Nothing good comes from trusting Littlefinger who was the reason why Ned Stark couldn’t survive the first season itself. We all knew something was up with him when he took Sansa away right after Joffrey’s death. That was a good episode by the way, so much satisfaction. He took her to the Eyrie where he murdered her aunt Lysa. After all this, one thing is for sure, he knows what he’s doing and there’s a motive behind everything that he’s done. Littlefinger is the most complex character of all in Game Of Thrones and nobody knows what he wants. We had this sort of feeling for Varys once upon a time, but now that he chose to go away with Tyrion to help Daenerys, it’s clear that he wants someone who’s capable as well as compassionate to rule the Seven Kingdoms. But Littlefinger, nobody knows what is up with that man. When he gave Sansa away to Ramsay, it is impossible that he didn’t know about Ramsay at all. By now we know, Littlefinger has his eyes everywhere. He knew what he was getting Sansa into, and the worst part was Sansa trusted him. Littlefinger knew Sansa couldn’t escape Ramsay and Winterfell easily, and honestly, if it wasn’t for Theon she wouldn’t have. Trusting him again is a foolish decision, and Sansa trusts him enough to lie to Jon. Sansa, why do you want to get in trouble again?

Game of thrones : the door

5. Red Woman 2

Still not able to thank one Red Woman enough for bringing Jon back to life, another Red Woman is introduced in the series. Dressed exactly like Melisandre, wearing that necklace identical to the one we’ve seen before, a Red Priestess is called to Meereen by Tyrion and Varys. Kinvara (her name) is seen in a deep conversation with the both of them. Tyrion wants the people of Meereen to place their trust in Daenerys, which became quite impossible for the people after she flew away on Drogon. Making pacts with the Masters did work well, but there’s still an uneasiness among the people. To make them understand, Tyrion suggests that they would listen better to someone they trust, the priests in Meereen. In order to spread the message, Kinvara is called upon where she says she’s in support of this and will ask the priests to spread the same message because she believes Daenerys is the chosen one by the Lord Of Light. Immediately reacting to this, Varys talks about another Red Woman (Melisandre) who vowed the Stannis Baratheon was the chosen one but that obviously was wrong. Here we should note that Varys is pretty skeptical about magic and religion after his own castration. But as soon as Kinvara starts giving him details about his past and that experience particularly, Varys’s shock in visible from his face. There’s more to Varys than we know. Something he heard, he knows or has experienced that is hidden in the corners of his mind. Kinvara is able to make him remember is again and Varys doesn’t know what to do. Let’s hope silence falls back to Meereen till Daenerys returns back.

Game of thrones : the door

6. We feel you, Jorah!

“Tyrion Lannister was right. I love you. I’ll always love you.” – and there goes a tear trickling down our face. Jorah the Andal is the father of all friend-zoned guys back in The Seven Kingdoms and in the real world. Unable to accept it before, he now says it loud and clear to Daenerys and all she can do is nothing. Before he says it to her, he reveals his greyscale affliction to Dany, stopping her from touching him. This one scene where we Jorah says “I love you” to Dany, we are cut to Daario’s face. Well played, Game Of Thrones, that was hilarious. Saying his goodbyes and melting our hearts, Dany stops him and orders him to find a cure to the greyscale and return back to her when she conquers Westeros, for she would need him by his side. And it’s not something that she tells him, she commands it. Jorah leaves, disheartened but happy that she has finally forgiven him, and Dany leaves with Daario and Dothraki horde, walking out of Vaes Dothrak. Can we take a minute to appreciate the love this guy has for Dany? She banished him and he kept coming back, rescuing her from all the obstacles and staying by her side. If it wasn’t for the greyscale, he would have never left her, and that too he didn’t leave for finding a cure, he left because he couldn’t risk staying near her with it. That’s the kind of love everyone needs.

Game of thrones : the door

We do see Arya being assigned a task of murdering an actress, and while she does a research over who she has to murder, she witnesses a play acted out based on Robert’s death and Ned’s execution. She has to relive her father’s head being chopped off incident again through the play. However, nobody knows why Arya’s story line is so different from others and doesn’t seem to have any connection with the Seven Kingdoms. Jaquen H’ghar and his faceless men theory doesn’t add up with anyone and maybe it has a major role to play, as of now, Arya Stark is not even close to reuniting with her family (whatever is left of it).

Game of thrones

However, the most disheartening death occurring in this episode and the whole series till now is Hodor’s. It was totally unexpected and he deserved much better. Bran and Meera escape the White Walkers, and nothing can be said about what’s to come, except that Bran is the pivot character in Game Of Thrones, and while the Seven Kingdoms are fighting wars with each other to rule, the only war they should be worried about is with the White Walkers and it seems only Bran will be able to know how to stop them.

Game of thrones : the door


Hodor is Immortal.

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