To Be Desi

What It Is Like To Be Desi

If the title of this blog attracted you, hey there, you. You’ve had a rough/okay-ish kind of childhood because being desi is not a piece of cake. You may be living in a different part of the world now, but the desi-ness inside you in pretty intact. Thanks to all those years of growing up, you’re still desi, which is more than visible when you’re stressed out. Here’s what it is like to be desi

1. Old pictures in hideous clothes
Every desi has many childhood pictures that they don’t upload on social media and refrain from showing it to anyone. You might think they’re shy, but to be honest, they know you will judge them for the clothes they are wearing. Our childhood pictures are filled with colours all over the place. Sometimes our faces are not visible due to the flabbergasting clothes we wore.

To Be Desi

2. Tonnes of relatives
When you’re a desi, you don’t really have to worry about not being surrounded by people. Whether you like it or not, you’ll always know a lot of people and socialize with them on a regular basis. Your contact list is full of duur ke rishtedaar who only called you before when it was time for result, and now they call you to know when you’re getting married. That’s the only purpose of their existence.

To Be Desi

3. Family group
A desi‘s WhatsApp isn’t just friends and parents. It has a list of groups created by each member of the family that they cannot leave because no one wants to earn the name of ‘awaara‘. That’s what happens in desi families btw. The minute you start showing irritation towards family or start socializing less with family, they label you as ‘awaara‘. These family groups have some next level sense of humour and you’re supposed to enjoy it.

To Be Desi

4. Permission issues
Growing up desi, we all had permission issues at home. It used to be so rigid that till now, you feel the need to tell your parents wherever you’re going even though they don’t give a shit now, because you’re so used to taking permission for things. You still feel you are answerable to your parents for your whereabouts. Permission issues is something we all faced as desis because parents were (still are) the boss.

To Be Desi

5. Overflowing love
In desi families, the love flows abundantly. You don’t have to look for it, it just comes to you. And it’s not just from your parents, it’s from all your relatives. It’s like the desi families were designed this way, to spread warmth and tight hugs everywhere they go. They might drive you crazy, but they love you, without a doubt. That’s one perk of being desi, unconditional and unchanging love.

To Be Desi

Growing up desi is fun.

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