Difference Between A Friend And A Best Friend

Difference Between A Friend And A Best Friend

Everybody has two categories of friends. The first category is of friends, who are the people you hangout with sometimes, trying to release stress from your life and chilling. The second category of friends are the best friends, people with whom you hangout too but these hangouts usually last for days where you don’t know where the time went. These two categories are the very basis of your social life. Here’s the difference between a friend and a best friend –

1. Conversations
With a friend, the conversations are usually about how work is going, how things are going, what’s up in life and how the future looks like. It’s always the same with them, the same formal routine of conversation. With best friends, the conversation ranges from gossiping to planning a murder, to discussing deep thoughts, to talking complete gibberish. There’s no filter to conversations between best friends. It just flows like a stream where you can be completely yourself without having the fear of being judged.

2. Parties
Everybody loves to party. As we grow up, these parties are limited to the weekend where we chill and cool off the week’s stress. Being at a party with a friend is all about pretensions. You’re behaving nicely, not laughing too much, trying hard not to look like a fool and paying attention to yourself so you don’t look weird around people. The exact opposite of this is partying with best friends. When you have someone who is just as crazy as you, parties turn into blackouts where you’ve made a complete fool of yourself but you don’t really care.

3. Insults
In the initial stages of friendship where you’re still trying to figure out whether you want to be seen with the other person in public are not, things are pretty much the same. You avoid pointing out the annoying behaviour of the other, don’t attack them with insults even when you’re kidding and play it cool. But once you become best friends with someone, the relationship is based on direct insults that may or may not be true. If you don’t insult your best friend, they’re not your best friend.

4. Drinking
Drinking with friends is an activity that involves less of drinking and more of trying to act cool. You know what you’re capable of when drunk. It’s not that intense a stage of friendship where you can unleash your wild side to someone you’ve only known for some months. But when you’re out for drinks with your best friends, the scenario completely changes. Neither you nor them are interested is being normal anymore. Any kind of crazy that is ignited by alcohol is welcomed by all of you, and you all know how much you’re going to regret this in the morning.

5. Problems
With friends, the conversations aren’t too deep. You don’t even know each other that well where you can discuss life problems with each other. There’s always that fear of being judged by the other person so you try to avoid telling them everything that you’re going through. With best friends, it’s easy. To pour your heart out in front of them and expecting them to pick up all the broken pieces of you is something you can do easily. You can always count on them to not judge you and be there for you when you need them the most. Aren’t best friends the greatest?

Happy Best Friend’s Day!

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