Dear Zindagi Review

Dear Zindagi Review: A New Look Towards Life And Relationships

Seldom we come across films that have a realistic approach to life and relationships. It’s not very common that you see a movie and say, “that’s exactly what happens in real life.” Cinema has often gone incredibly wrong with interpreting and showcasing things as they are. Dear Zindagi however, isn’t a part of that cinema.

The sheer simplicity of Dear Zindagi, it’s realistic characters, portrayal of these characters and blending the story together is what differentiates the movie from commercial cinema and makes it one of those movies that you’d want to see to find solution to your problems. It doesn’t inspire you, it just gives you a way to find answers to your questions from within. It tells you to seek happiness not from others but self. It wants you to be self-dependent rather than being dependent on others.

Dear Zindagi Review

Alia’s character Kiara is a successful cinematographer who is like every average girl in her twenties. She’s ambitious, talented and true to her work. The only place she finds herself completely lost in is relationships. Be it romantic relationships that involves commitment or her relationship with her parents, she cannot find it easy to communicate and let out her feelings that easy. Often, she fails miserably and finds herself hurt, crying alone without conveying what she feels to anyone, even her friends. The only people Kaira feels safe and happy around are her friends.

Dear Zindagi Review

Isn’t this character very relatable? Aren’t most of us like this? We’re afraid of committing to something or someone that may hurt us in the distant future. Before Kiara is heartbroken, she chooses to walk away without giving others the opportunity to hurt her. We’re all afraid of being lonely and heartbroken, we all found it hard to communicate exactly how we’re feeling and we’ve all walked away from people before they could hurt us. The character is someone we can closely relate to because at one point of time we’ve all been her.

In this chaotic mess, Kiara resorts to Dr. Jehangir Khan, or Jug, who is a psychiatrist tries to help her find answers. Through her therapy sessions with Dr. Jug, we’re given an insight to Kiara, as to who she is, what she likes, what she dislikes and her life. We’re taken back to her childhood where Kiara’s fear of being rejected and feeling lonely began. Jug tries to get that fear out of her system so she can start trusting people and being happy.

Dear Zindagi Review

I suggest you watch this film not as a Bollywood flick but a therapy session in itself. Jud philosophy towards life, relationships and happiness will make you take a look back at your own life, the mistakes you made and how you screwed up bad at relationships. The day you stop looking at yourself through other’s eyes is the day you’ll learn to appreciate yourself. Gauri Shinde directed Dear Zindagi is a beautiful movie that helps you look at everything from a different perspective.

Love life, just as it is.

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