Living With A Punjabi Roommate

Living With A Punjabi Roommate

Ever known a Punjabi? Aren’t they adorable? It gets even better when you live with one. They’re loud, full of life and so much fun. They always try to spread love everywhere they go, with they’re jappiyan and papiyan, trying to make the world a happier place to live in. Here’s what it’s like to be living with a Punjabi roommate –

1. Twadi….

If you’ve ever had the privilege to speak to a Punjabi, you know that every sentence of theirs is followed by b******d. And it’s not like they mean it, it’s just a part of their vocabulary. They may be dead serious, in a pleasant mood or about to burst into tears, swearing can be incorporated to any emotion efficiently by them. When you live with someone who’s Punjabi, you are used to someone constantly swearing in every part of the room. You’re pretty offended in the beginning, but you get used to it after a while.

Living With A Punjabi Roommate

2. Dancing to Tunak Tunak

Punjabi music is madness. AT every house party, there’s this one Punjabi friend who will request Sukhbir’s Ishq Tera Tadpave and dance like crazy to it. If that crazy dancer is the person you’re living with, the house is always resonating with the voices of Daler Mehndi, Honey Singh and Raftaar. You may give your crazy roommate that “what kind of hooligan song is this” stare, but you know you cannot resist dancing to it for many days. They become your kind of music forever.

Living With A Punjabi Roommate

3. Punjabiyaan di battery

Punjabis are so energetic that they could single-handedly crush Ranveer Singh to the floor. There’s a whole song for them in a Bollywood movie, what more proof do you need? When you’re friends with a Punjabi, you know they have to tendency to do the most strenuous tasks when it is least expected. When you’re living with one, you know they can come to you in the middle of the night to challenge you for a game of fist fighting. They can do anything at any given time without feeling tired.

Living With A Punjabi Roommate

4. Butter Chicken

If a Punjabi had to describe heaven in two words, it would be Butter Chicken. If you’re a vegetarian living with a Punjabi roommate, you’ll never know how it tastes. If you’re a non-vegetarian, you still won’t know what it’s like to share butter chicken with them. When it comes to that delicacy, sharing is not caring. You’ve constantly tried to steal a leg piece from them but ultimately given up because there’s no scope of your victory. Butter Chicken is something that Punjabis feel very connected and attached to.

Living With A Punjabi Roommate

5. Daaru

A post about Punjabis would be incomplete without mentioning a vital nutrient that is needed everyday to run their body. They are all such heavy drinkers that you have been on the verge of dying and they still insist you to drink until they’re done. And the catch is they can never get done when it comes to alcohol. You generally avoid drinking with your Punjabi roommate because you have no guarantee of being alive the next day. However with them, alcohol is an energy booster that will make them do all sorts of superhuman activities while you just lie there trying to barely open your eyes and move.

Living With A Punjabi Roommate

6. Sweethearts

Your Punjabi roommate might want to see you die by giving you alcohol everyday, not share Butter Chicken or wake you up at 3 in the night to do Bhangra, you know you couldn’t find anyone as good as them. They are kind-hearted people in their cute Punjabi dialect that just makes you want to keep them in your pocket forever. They’re funny, loud, unapologetic and beautiful people who have made the apartment sharing experience better. Hug them for who they are, everyday is a blessing around them.

Living With A Punjabi Roommate

Tussi great ho.

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