Why December Is The Happiest Month

Why December Is The Happiest Month

The happiest month of the year is here with many promises and celebrations. What a ride 2016 has been! And as we enter into the last month of this year, we all hope the next year is even better. December is a month of happiness and hope. You can always expect pleasant things to happen around year every year in December, and it never disappoint. Here are some reasons why December is the happiest month of the year –

1. Winters

Nobody can deny that winter is the best season of the year. You get to snuggle in your warm beds, with coffee at the side and observe the beauty of nature. Places where it snows are even more beautiful covered in a white sheet making the ground look like a giant bed. The best winters are without a doubt in December. It’s fresh, pleasant and cool, with all its uniqueness intact.

2. Christmas

Who doesn’t love Christmas? It is a festival that is celebrated all across the globe. The lights, decoration, trees and pleasant climate make it all so pretty. And of course, Santa you’re never too old to love Santa. Even if you’re not Catholic, you’re Christian friends will make sure you get treats and cakes to eat. Everything around Christmas is so pleasant and pretty, it warms your heart. Don’t forget about the holidays you get around Christmas that is used for relaxing. And guess which month Christmas is in?

3. Most birthdays

Many people are born everyday but December has the most number of birthdays. You can’t deny that. even if your birthday doesn’t fall in December, you know many people who celebrate their birthdays in the month. Most days in December you don’t have to worry about spending money on food because most of the time you’re hogging at someone else’s party. Don’t forget about the free booze you get at these parties that helps you keep chill. Isn’t December the best month or what?

4. New Year

New Year is the most anticipated time of the month when you get to celebrate the end of the year with your loved ones. A whole night of dancing away and welcoming a new year with open arms and a little tipsy mind is what makes the celebration so special. You plan how you will be celebrating the new year party from the beginning of the year. That’s how excited everyone is when it’s time for 31st December.

5. A new beginning

Your whole year may be a joke with nothing good happening in your life. You may have faced a lot of failures that have lowered your confidence. Your life may seem to be not going anywhere. But you know what? Things get better. And December is exactly that promise. No matter how good or bad your year may be, it will end. And a new year will begin to help you rise again. So don’t give up yet for good things are coming.

Hello December. 

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