The Queen's Justice Review

GOT Season 7 Episode 3: The Queen’s Justice Review

The most anticipated moment in Game Of Thrones history happened in today’s episode named the Queen’s Justice. Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen finally met at Dragonstone, but they’re still quite far away from what is expected from them according to the fan theories (marriage alliance and taking down the Army of the Dead with ice and fire). Without further ado, let’s dive into another brilliant episode where a lot of things happened. Here’s the Queen’s Justice review, taking a look back at the biggest moment from the third episode of season 7 –

The big meet
Yes, it happened. Fire and ice met. Jon came to Dragonstone, not to bend the knee, but to ask for help from Daenerys to help him against the White Walkers, because with three dragons, the living have a better chance. But Daenerys doesn’t want to leave it all and travel to the North to fight against an army she doesn’t even believe exists. Frankly, it’s too much to expect from her because she’s only just met Jon. But her not believing is also kind of ignorant because the Night King is real and his army will destroy every living person. There won’t really be an Iron Throne to fight for if that happens. However, it’s too soon to tell what is going to happen. Denying to accompany him to the North where the real war lies, she gives him permission to mine for dragonglass beneath Dragonstone. This will also be helpful to Jon, not as much as fighting with three fully grown dragons though. Let’s see what the other episodes have in store for these two.

The Queen's Justice Review

The witty
Tyrion Lannister’s wit is something we have been seeing since Season 1 and even in his toughest time when he was imprisoned for a crime he didn’t even commit, he never failed to make us laugh. In the first episode, they didn’t give Tyrion any dialogues probably because there’s a lot he said in this episode. From a witty banter with Jon to welcome him to Dragonstone, to giving “wise old preaching” to Daenerys, Tyrion Lannister was at his best in this episode. It wasn’t all fun and games though. He did tell Jon to try harder and not give up just because Daenerys is having a hard time believing in his White Walker story. He convinces Daenerys to let Jon take the dragonglass hidden beneath the castle, which is the least she could do for him. His military plans may have failed terribly but at least we know, his wit isn’t going anywhere.

The Queen's Justice Review

The big reunion
A Stark reunion happened amidst all the chaos going on in the South. We expected Arya and Sansa meeting, but turns out it was Bran who was able to arrive to Winterfell before his little sister. Bran and Meera reach Winterfell, where Sansa, the now Wardeness of the North is very happy to see her little brother. Bran however, isn’t really interested in showing emotions. When the two chat alone under the Weirwood tree, Sansa tells Bran how he is the last surviving son of Ned Stark, which makes him first in command. Bran tells her how he can’t accept the title because he’s the Three-Eyed Raven, something Sansa doesn’t quite understand. He tries to explain her how he can see things that happened in the past and will happen in the future, and goes on to remind her of the tormented night when she got married to Ramsay Bolton and eventually raped. Making her relive the horrors was I don’t know what kind of move, but Sansa walked away not knowing what to say as Bran has returned as some emotionless robot who doesn’t know what to say and to whom. Get your act together, Stark boy.

The Queen's Justice Review

The gift
Last episode we got to know what was Euron’s big gift to Cersei, and we were happy it wasn’t Tyrion. Euron captured Ellaria and Tyene Sand, along with his niece Yara. He gave Ellaria and Tyene to Cersei as a gift, as it was Ellaria who poisoned Myrcella while she was on the way back to King’s Landing. He kept Yara as his prisoner, and we don’t know what he’s going to do with her. Euron and his evil grin are welcomed by the people at King’s Landing, something that he enjoys. He tells Cersei that he has fulfilled his promise, and Cersei promises to give him whatever he wants after the war is over. Making Euron and his fleet an ally, she makes him the Commander of the Naval forces. Euron asks some inappropriate questions to Jaime, which makes him want to smack that evil grin off his face, but he can’t. Cersei then poisons Tyene in front of Ellaria, with the same poison that was used on her daughter, in the same way, forcing Ellaria to wait for her daughter’s death. Quite brutal, I must say. But this was the Queen’s Justice.

The Queen's Justice Review

The cured
In the last episode we saw Sam trying to cure Jorah’s greyscale with an unorthodox method that is forbidden in the Citadel. Sam has become Harry Potter, breaking the rules, entering the restricted section and doing everything he’s not expected to do. Good news is that Jorah’s greyscale is cured because of Sam. Archmaester Ebrose is astonished and also a little proud of his disciple who has done this, all by himself, but he clearly doesn’t know how to reward him. Jorah Mormont, cured of his illness, leaves the Citadel to advise his beloved Khaleesi, and we’re all happy for him.

The Queen's Justice Review

The wicked
Things aren’t looking too good military wise for Daenerys. She has Casterly Rock, but she had to pay a big price for it. More of her fleet is destroyed by Euron at Casterly Rock. Greyworm does say siege on the castle but it’s good for nothing as only a part of the Lannister army were defending it. The much larger chunk of the army were at Highgarden, crushing Olenna Tyrell’s men. She is informed about the loss of the Greyjoy fleet as well, which happened in the last episode. Jaime reveals that this was a part of their plan. They left only some men to protect Casterly Rock on purpose, so that they could defeat one of Daenerys’s important allies. This was indeed a wicked move by Cersei, and this is definitely where she won. We all have to give it to her military tactics.

The Queen's Justice Review

The truth
The last chat between Jaime and Olenna Tyrell was an important part of the episode. After defeating the Tyrell army, Jaime heads to Olenna’s chamber who is kind of waiting for her death. He puts out two wine glasses and puts poison in one of them. He tells Olenna how Cersei has different plans to kill her, but Jaime suggested a painless one, poisoning her wine. Olenna, in her last moments, uses the time to tell Jaime how he’s completely foolish to believe in his sister. She also tells him that Cersei will be the end of him, but Jaime quietly declines to dicuss this with her. Picking up her glass, she reveals how she was the one who poisoned Joffrey, and not Tyrion who was imprisoned wrongfully. She asks Jaime to tell Cersei that she murdered her son, and the look on Jaime’s face is priceless. However, the look of Cersei’s face is going to be more important, and maybe she would realize how she not only falsely accused Tyrion of murdering Joffrey, but also wanted him to die for something he didn’t even do. Cannot wait for that moment at all.

The Queen's Justice Review

With only four episodes remaining for this season to end, the wait gets harder than ever. It’s going to be fun to see Dany’s next move and also what Tyrion has to say about his master plan. For now, Cersei is definitely smashing it for now. But if the show has taught us anything all these years, it’s that happiness doesn’t stay for long with anyone. In the next preview that you can watch below, it’s clear the things are going to get real. Daenerys has never been the one to sit and watch her world crashing. She’s going to fight back, that too with a move that’s going to destroy all of Cersei’s hopes, and eventually, her life maybe? (That’s something Jaime will do though)

Fire is coming.

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