Saving Up for iPhone 7

Saving Up For iPhone 7

Brace yourselves, iPhone 7 is here. Every time when the android/Windows phones start gaining a little ground, Apple strikes back with a magnificent new iPhone that hits them right where it hurts. And yet again, launching the most awaited smartphones of the year, iPhone has yet again not failed to amaze us. The astounding work of art phone has some main features including a pressure sensitive home button, better camera (like it could get any better), a faster processor and an improved battery life (much needed). Additional to this, the phone has no headphone jack, unlike the previous models. The most important change in the new iPhone is perhaps the removal of the headphone jack. Lightning EarPods which connect through the charging point and wireless Apple AirPods are what you’ll be using to listen to songs from now on. The AirPods come with a compact charging case that has up to 24 hours of battery life. Bull’s eye, Apple!

The price of iPhone 7 will start from 60,000 INR, with 32 GB size being the least. There’s no confirmation of pricing on other models as yet, however, this is great news for iPhone users in India as the price has dropped as compared to the iPhone 6 models. For all you people who are planning to buy one, we’re here to help you out. Let’s plan saving up for iPhone 7 –

1. No Shopping

Girls and boys, with great desires, come great sacrifice. You cannot wait for a genie to come and fulfil your dreams, you’re your own genie. If you really really want an iPhone, I suggest you stop continuing your daily visits to Zara, H&M, Marks Spencer and any other place you can shop from. You can manage wearing the same old top/tee every alternate day, but not without iPhone 7. I’m not even kidding here.

2. No Clubbing

Yes, that’s right. No Kitty Su, Royalty, Trilogy, just no. You want to save up for that iPhone or not? But don’t worry, we have an alternative. House parties are what you should consider to lay low and spend less for weeks until you have saved up enough. You spend way to less, drink way too much, own the whole dance floor and don’t have to be worry about going back home. Cheapest party ever!

3. Learning to cook

Do you ever realize exactly how much money you spend on food per day? If you stop spending that money, you could buy 3 iPhones (a little exaggeration never killed anyone). Having said that, not eating food from outside doesn’t mean you starve to death. Learning to cook can help you a great deal as it’s a long term solution to all your money related problems. And there’s also the benefit of eating healthy. Kinda lost you on that one, right?

4. Woo your parents

When you shamelessly watch all your money being spent on pizzas, rent, useless things you will never need and more pizzas, and you really want that iPhone, do what you have a good practice of. since childhood we’ve been emotionally blackmailing our parents into buying us toys and video games, and that’s exactly the kind of skill that can get us our new iPhone 7. Just randomly mention in between the conversation, let that actor in you rise and boom, you have your gift.
Or you could just steal one.

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