Living with a Delhiite

Living with a Delhiite roommate

If there’s two things Delhi is known for, its the chaat and people. Delhiites are the most breezy and fabulous people, and it gets even more better when you get to live with them. Following are the things you experience when living with a Delhiite roommate –

1. Oye bc!
While the world thinks bc stands for because, us Indians, especially Delhites know exactly what it stands for. Uttering it in almost every situation, bc has become more of a reflex action for every Dilliwala. Living with them, you also find yourself immediately saying the word before you realize what you said. And that’s how you become a Dilliwala.

Living with a Delhiite

2. Yaar Dilli best hai!

No matter where you take them, they’ll be standing in front of Eiffel Tower in Paris and still be saying “Qutub Minar better hai isse.” Nothing, absolutely nothing can make them forget their beloved Dilli. If they’re living with you in Mumbai, they’ll point out 100 things wrong with Mumbai on a daily basis. At first you defend, but then you get used to it.

Living with a Delhiite

3. Honey Singh

Delhites have the most dope taste in music. A mixture of Raftaar raps and some vintage Honey Singh songs, you’ll take a while to adjust to their wacky music taste or end up liking it yourself. They’ll make you listen to the most bizarre music, playing those songs in the car, at parties and even humming them while showering. You’ll have to adjust yourself.

Living with a Delhiite

4. Every night is alcohol night

People from Delhi don’t need a reason to celebrate. It’s a party for them even if there’s nobody in the room. Living with them, you’ll have the most alcohol intake on daily basis, way more than you used to have before. This, of course, has its own benefits like watching their hilarious antics when drunk. Every night is a night of fun with them.

Living with a Delhiite

5. Dilwale

Don’t worry, they don’t make you watch the movie on a daily basis. It’s often said that “Dilli toh dilwaalon ki hai”, and you realize that when you start living with a Dilliwala. Even if it’s 3 am in the morning, you can go to them with any sort of problem you have and get a solution. They’ll make sure you feel better and won’t leave your side until you do.

Living with a Delhiite

Oye BC!

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