World Animal Day

World Animal Day: Why Animals Make The Best Of Friends

Animals are the best, without any arguments and facts-stating. They’re everything humans aren’t, which is why it gets easy to deal with them than with other human beings. Do you also relate to animals more than people? Do you consider it a party when there are four dogs and no other human being around you disturb? Are animals your best friends too? Welcome to the club! Celebrating all animals on World Animal Day, here’s why animals make the best of friends –

1. There’s always less drama with them. They won’t throw tantrums at you when you can’t hangout. They always understand.
2. They don’t have too many demands. You just need to feed them right and pet them once in a while. They don’t want too many things from life.

World Animal Day3. Their life is full of adventures. Once they are here, and the next day you’ll spot them somewhere else. Life’s a roller coaster ride with them.
4. You don’t have to think twice before befriending an animal. They’re always up to know more people and make friends with others.

World Animal Day5. They know what to do when you’re sad or not feeling okay. They’ll sit around you, to make sure you don’t feel alone while giving you the space you need.
6. Animals are so much more easier to deal with than people. They don’t go around gossiping or insulting you behind your back.

World Animal Day7. They are always up for doing stupid things with you. You don’t even have to discuss it with them. They’ll just follow you to do whatever it is.
8. Without words, it all seems so peaceful. There’s no verbal communication with animals so you don’t have to waste time in that.

World Animal Day9. Animals are so much more better at understanding you than people. They’ll dance with you when you’re happy and cry with you when you’re sad.
10. They don’t expect anything in return. They just need your company and love, and that’s enough for them to be your unconditional companion.

World Animal Day

Happy World Animal Day!

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