Things Only Coffee Lovers Will Understand 

The reason why coffee had been discovered was because people were really getting tired of dealing with other homo sapiens early in the morning. And now, it has become an absolute essential in many people’s life. Without caffeine, there’s no energy to face the outside world. Following are certain things that only coffee lovers will understand –
1. Everyone assuming you like tea
Okay, someone had to say it, Tea is not the only beverage everyone is supposed to like. Like you can’t assume someone’s gender, you can’t assume their beverage choices. Sure, there are people who can have tea even at 2 am, but then there are certain people who don’t like tea at all. For a coffee lover, being offered tea every time is a huge let down.
Things Only Coffee Lovers Will Understand 
2. Nobody knows how you take your coffee
The worst part about not being able to make your own coffee is that no matter how much you explain, nobody can get it right. Be it Starbucks or CCD, nobody can excel at making your coffee exactly how you like it. There’s always going to be too much sugar, or too much milk, and that’s why a die hard coffee lover can never find solace in someone else’s coffee.
Things Only Coffee Lovers Will Understand 
3. No energy without coffee
Like most people need tea or some energy drink to get started, coffee lovers need that little boost from coffee to be able to tolerate the world. Early mornings are rough on everyone. It’s coffee that gives you the energy to handle it. One day you don’t get your coffee on time, you turn into Miranda Priestly, getting annoyed by the most menial of things and unable to survive this difficult world.
Things Only Coffee Lovers Will Understand 
4. The smell of caffeine 
Everyone has this smell that makes them skip a heartbeat. It may be the lover’s cologne, or a fresh pizza, or even the smell of popcorn in a theatre. But no, for you, it’s only this one thing that makes you want to quit everything and drown in it. And that’s coffee. The smell of freshly brewed coffee beans make you go weak in the knees and you’re not afraid to express it out loud.
Things Only Coffee Lovers Will Understand 
5. Coffee is a solution to everything
It’s not easy to wake up everyday and see your ex’s photo on Facebook with their new girlfriend. It’s not easy to dress up to impress others. It’s not easy to be you at all. There are troubles with no solutions, and in that case, coffee helps. No matter how difficult times get, you know your mug is going to be by your side, refilling every time you need more help. Coffee may not be a person, but it’s a companion you can count on at difficult times.
Things Only Coffee Lovers Will Understand 
Coffee and you have the best time, always.
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