The Ultimate Checklist to Guide You Before You Move-In

After weeks of browsing properties, dealing with brokers, jolting yourself from disappointment and various other issues that come in a package deal with ‘finding a new place’, you’d think sad part will be over. But hold onto your sore limbs because the most fun part is about to begin- Packing and moving-in!

The whole process of moving out of your old place to move-in into a new one can be pretty tiring and overwhelming. And if you are dealing with the traditional rentals then there are tens of formalities to be complied with while moving in which adds to the problem.

Professionally managed rental platforms like GetSetHome are making co-living and moving-in completely hassle-free.

But anywho, here are some pointers you should keep in mind before you are all set to move in:

  • Make a Check-List
    Prepare a check-list for all the tasks to be done before you move in. Segregate these tasks into varying time periods. Taking care of documentation regarding vacating and moving-in should be done on a priority basis. Tick off each task as it completes. This way you will not forget anything and the process will be much more organised.
  • “Binder Up!”
    You can come across various important documents while moving-in. This may include receipts from your Movers and Packers, your agreements, receipt of token money given, etc. These are important and should be filed-up so as to not lose them.
  • Discuss with Roommate
    If you are sharing your place with someone then discuss with them to settle a mutual moving date, if possible, so as to avoid any confusions. Settle on who will take which wardrobe and which side of bed to avoid arguments later.
  • Label It!
    Start segregating your inventory into categories such as fragile, flammable, clothes, cutlery, shoes, etc. Put a label outside each carton to avoid confusion. This will make arranging your stuff in your new place way easier.
  • Start Packing Early
    Don’t leave things for the last minute. Otherwise, you are bound to miss out on various important things. Start packing early. There is stuff which we do not use on a daily basis. Start packing them first and move further.
  • Don’t Hoard
    We all have that one blanket we never use but keep it with us because it reminds us of our hostel days, or those old pair of jeans we used to rock once in the past so we keep it in the hope to rock it again. But when it comes to packing, you have to be smart and reasonable. Avoid hoarding any stuff which you know you do not use. It has been taking unnecessary space at your old place and it will continue to do so at your new place too. Let go!
  • Before Move-In Checks
    Before you leave your place for good take a good sweeping look.
    Check the status of all your plug-in portals, electric appliances and all the furniture and fixtures at your new place. It should be ready to move in the minute you bring all your stuff in.
  • Subscriptions
    Before you move out, remember to cancel your subscriptions to Wi-Fi, television, newspaper and magazines. If given an option, update them to your new address.
  • Transport Routes
    Find a transport route beforehand to avoid getting stuck in traffic jams. If you are using your own transport and not an agency to move your stuff then you might be making more than one round to move all your stuff. Doing so via a stuffy road will only make it more frustrating.
    Also, decide on whether you want to move your stuff yourself or through an agency.
  • Notify
    There are various parties you should notify your new address to, on a priority basis like your office or college, parents, friends and various subscription handlers.

You can always go for professionally managed co-living platforms such as GetSetHome. Moving-in with them becomes so much easier when everything starting from furnishing, maintenance and documentation has already been taken care of by them. All you have to do is bring in your luggage and move-in!
Sure moving-in can be a huge task but if done in an organised way, can be a big success. Bring in your A-game with a little preparedness, thinking on your feet and throw the lazy attitude out the window to turn moving-in into a fun ride!

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