Promises That You Should Make To Yourself

Promises That You Should Make To Yourself

Another year of being single and you’ve probably given up by now. If you’re at the stage where everything related to love and couples irritates the shit out of you, welcome to the club my friend. Right now, all around you, you can only see people making promises to each other that they’ve probably broken already. You don have someone to make promises to, your damn self. That’s right. Join the bandwagon and happily commit to yourself because no one else is going to. Here are some promises that you should make to yourself –

1. Watching Game Of Thrones if you haven’t because it’s the best show we could ask for. If you have, promise yourself to never stop believing in Tyrion.

2. Making enough money so that you can afford all the luxuries you want. You’re high maintainance and you know that. Someone has to be able to afford you.

3. To have a solo wine party at least twice a week. I would suggest everyday because both wine and you deserve that. But twice a week is fine.

4. Taking a day off from work and working on yourself. By working, I mean a whole day of eating whatever you like without being questioned.

5. Visiting all the beautiful places in your city every month and discovering new places whenever you get the chance.

6. Taking a trip out of town with your squad every two months because all of you deserve a break from your boring/happening lives (mostly boring).

7. Binge on a TV show (not Sasural Simar Ka ffs) even when you can’t find the time because it helps you relax and take a break for a while.

8. Trying to get enough sleep everyday because everything else can wait but your sleep shouldn’t. Also,you get to dream about your crush so it’s a win-win.

9. Crushing on every boy or girl you meet because you’re a human being and you have needs. Even if those needs are going to break your heart eventually.

10. Calling your long distance best friend at least twice a week to gossip about all the people you don’t like and laughing at their poor choices.

11. Treating yourself to two McDonalds meals twice in a month because you deserve that McSpicy chicken and large fries no matter what your trainer says.

12. Working on your antisocial skills and worsening it. You should be able to reach a level where you don’t see human beings except you at all.

13. Spending every Sunday to follow something you’re passionate about. You may suck at photography but if you believe in it, go take dope pictures.

14. Dancing away your troubles every time you get a chance because it’s the best therapy. Just make sure it’s not in the middle of the street or you’ll end up as a meme.

15. Loving yourself beyond anything because that matters. You’re awesome and it’s time you stop the self-loathe and appreciate the beauty that you are.

Don’t break these promises, you stunner.

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