Long Distance Friendship

Dealing With A Long Distance Friendship

If you thought long distance relationships are really hard to be in, you’ve never really experienced what it feels like to be in a long distance friendship. We all have best friends. They make our lives bearable, keeping things interesting for us. But when they move to another city or a different country, difficult times lie ahead for both of you. Here’s what dealing with a long distance friendship is like –

1. Separation
When your best friend leaves you alone and moves to another place, you have to deal with separation anxiety. It’s almost like leaving an integral part of your body has left you alone in the world. Eventually, you start making your peace with it. But in the beginning, the whole process is hard for you to accept.

Long Distance Friendship

2. Acceptance
After you have wept when you can’t call them immediately when a guy/girl texts you, you gradually start accepting the fact that they won’t be around as much as they were before. You both realize that even though your friendship will remain unchanged, but the time you used to give to each other will reduce.

Long Distance Friendship

3. Promises
When they leave you behind and move to a different country, the friendship between you two is all about promises. You promise each other that you will stay in contact, you promise each other about Skyping regularly. You promise each other to tell each and every detail about each other. But most of them are never fulfilled.

Long Distance Friendship

4. Being busy
At first, you both find time to talk to each other. But eventually, the long distance gets to the two of you and the time you give to each other starts to decline. You’re both busy in your lives, and you learn to give each the space you need. You’re both busy, but the love hasn’t vanished. It’s still there.

Long Distance Friendship

5. No love lost
Time, space and the distance can do nothing to lessen the love between you and your best friend. They may be 1,000 miles away but that will not stop you from drunk calling them at 3 in the morning and telling how much they mean to you. Sure, it’s hard when your best friend moves away but the love is not going anywhere, and you both know that.

Long Distance Friendship

Thank god for Skype though.

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