Being A Dog Lover

Being A Dog Lover

If this world wouldn’t have dogs, it wouldn’t be a great place to live in. Dogs are the best, better than human beings sometimes. They want nothing in return, don’t do a lot of drama, like to keep things low key and are not high maintenance at all. Even if they were, we’d cross mountains for that. That’s what being a dog lover is like. When you’re a dog lover, the following things most definitely happen to you –

1. Crying when a dog dies
Isn’t Marley and Me the most beautiful and the most heartbreaking movie at the same time? Every dog lover hates and loves that movie. Any movie where the dog dies ultimately is so difficult to watch. We all go deep in our cave because coming back from that emotional turmoil is just so hard. When you’re a dog lover, watching the dog die in a movie gets you emotional for weeks, sometimes months.

Being A Dog Lover

2. Crying when a dog laughs
Dogs are beautiful. Even if they’re roaming around doing some stupid activity, they look cute. A normal person who just likes dogs just takes a picture, posts on Facebook and gets done with it. But with a dog lover, the process is not that easy. It takes more than fifty tear drops for them to get over the fact that a dog looks cute. They don’t let it go that easy when it comes to a dog.

Being A Dog Lover

3. Hanging out with dogs
This is something everybody should do. People are boring, dogs are not. You know how your weekend plans includes socializing with other human beings, dancing away the night at a club and drinking alcohol? You should change it to how dog lovers do it. In the weekends when they’re free, they’ll hang out with dogs they know, or even stray dogs, giving them walks and enjoying life in the best way anyone can.

Being A Dog Lover

4. Befriending because of dogs
Most friends dog lovers have are because of dogs. They don’t choose the human with the dog, they choose the dog with the human. After stalking dog photos on Instagram and Facebook, they find people with dogs living in their area and befriend them so they can get to see the little bundle of joy every day. After a point it’s just the other person’s dog and them, the human being becomes non-existent.

Being A Dog Lover

5. Loving dogs more than people
Everyone has a priority list. Some people prefer food, some prefer people, some other things. But a dog lover’s priority list has only one name, dog. You call them up any time of the day to ask if they’re free to hangout with you, they’re answer is always going to be “I have a dog to pet today” making you feel less important than a dog. But they’re not sorry, that’s how it is going to be for them always.

Being A Dog Lover

Happy Dog Day, you guys!

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