Types Of People In An Indian Wedding

Types Of People In An Indian Wedding

Indian weddings are fun if it’s not yours. You get to see all kinds of people dressed up to witness the union of two individuals who would honestly rather be home than fake smile to strangers. If you’re attending a marriage, you are one of the following people. Here’s the different types of people in an Indian wedding –

1. Food Hunters
As the name suggests, you will always find them at the food counter. The very first thing they do after entering the marraiage hall is eye on the starters and welcome drinks. They will shamelessly put as much food that can fit on their plate and sit in the corner to enjoy. They don’t give a shit about who’s getting married, they only care about what is being served.

2. Money Collectors
On the stage, apart from the bride and the groom, you will always see a bunch of girls on both sides collecting all the gifts and money the couple receive. They are usually the sisters of both sides who dressed up especially for this. Within two two seconds of the money appearing on stage, these money collectors make sure it’s only them who see what or how much is inside.

3. Hawk-eyed Dadis
Dadis at weddings are the coolest people to be around with. Slyly sit behind them and you’ll know how amazing they are. If Mean Girls was ever remade, it should be around desi dadis who can destroy Regina George when it comes to insulting other people’s outfits and makeups. They have their eyes everywhere and are always keen on setting up their granddaughters on the venue.

4. Selfie Queens
If you thought weddings were all about the bride and the groom, you are wrong. There’s a lot of people looking forward to dressing up and uploading all the pictures on Facebook. You’ll always find them at places that are well lit up. This is the day they have been preparing for since months and this is exactly what they came for. Their social media after this explodes with pictures.

5. Nosy Relatives
Weddings or not, relatives are always nosy. But during weddings, their nosiness reaches its peak where they move around finding flaws in everything and asking everybody stupid questions. Wherever they see more than four people gathered, they’ll make sure they create an awkward situation by going there and asking everyone about their lives.

6. The Couple
Amidst this madness are the two people who’s lives are going to change forever. On the stage, they have to maintain the two feet long smile that slowly transforms into a cry for help with each passing minute. Nobody asks them for food or water, but everybody wants to see them. They only keep wondering as to when all this will end so that they can go home.

Weddings are hilarious.

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