The Spoils Of War Review 

GOT Season 7: The Spoils Of War Review 

This Friday got a lot more better that it would have been, which was also kind of sad. The fourth episode of Season 7, called the Spoils of War was leaked online, two days prior to it’s official broadcast on HBO. As the show has millions of fans worldwide, nobody could wait till Sunday (Monday morning in India) to see the show. The fourth episode is the shortest in the series history, but also, one of the most badass episodes that have ever been made. A lot went down in the latest episode, so let’s get to it quickly. Here’s the Spoils of War review, do not proceed if you haven’t seen the episode yet.
The debt
Cersei has a huge debt to pay to the Iron Bank, something which we learned in the last episode. She is visited by Tycho Nestoris, a representative of the Iron Bank, who has come to collect the Lannisters’ debt. She asks him to wait a fortnight as she is expecting the gold that is taken by Jaime at Highgarden. Unknown of what is about to happen to the Lannister army, and her brother/lover Jaime, Cersei enjoys the two victories she just had. There’s not much of her character shown in this episode, but it’s going to be fun watching how she reacts to the destruction in the next episode.
The Spoils Of War Review 
The reunion
Another Stark reunion happens in this Season. All of the Starks that are alive are under one roof now. That’s right, Arya Stark is back home. She has a tough time making the guards believe that she is Arya Stark, the second daughter of Ned Stark, but Sansa knows it’s Arya as soon as she hears about her from the guards. They hug at the Crypts, and meet Bran, who knows what Arya has been up-to. He also gives her Catspaw, the Valerian steel dagger, which was given to him by Littlefinger. Arya and Brienne indulge in a little sword play, something that Sansa watches, and Arya absolutely stuns the life out of everyone with her ninja-like moves. Way to go girl!
The Spoils Of War Review 
The news
At Dragonstone, things are not as good as they could be. Jon and Daenerys enter the cave which really has Dragonglass, and also some paintings made by the Children of the Forest and the First Men, who fought together, ages ago, against the White Walkers. Jon tries to persuade Dany to fight with her dragons against the Army of the Dead. Dany is still persistent on Jon bending the knee, but we still don’t know what’s going to happen of that alliance. She recieves news of the Unsullied Army being stranded at Casterly Rock, which makes very angry. She wants to attack the Red Keep, but chooses another way to give Cersei an answer.
The Spoils Of War Review 
The spoils 
The last part of this episode is the best minutes of a GOT fan’s life. The Lannister Army is going back home after laying siege on Highgarden. The gold has been delivered to King’s Landing, but the army has still a long way to go. Bronn hears an army approaching and a defense is prepared, but who can stop a Dothraki horde on an open field, especially with the majestic Drogon flying over their heads. Drogon burns the Lannister army to ashes, with Dany riding on his back. Jaime is astonished, and also pissed off. He orders Bronn to use the weapon designed by Qyburn, and Bronn does strike Drogon pretty hard. When Dany attempts to remove the arrow, Jaime attempts to strike her with a spear. Just as he’s about to do it, Mother of Dragons is saved by her glorious son. Drogon breathes fire at Jaime, but Bronn saves Jaime as he pushes him inside the water. Nobody messes with Drogon’s mom.
The Spoils Of War Review 
And that, Cersei, is how you do it. 
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