Signs That You Are A Judgemental Little Prick

Signs That You Are A Judgemental Little Prick

Being judgemental is fun, as long as you keep your thoughts to yourself. Do you keep looking at people inorder to find any flaw in them and laugh at it later? Congratulations, you are judgemental. It’s hard for a person like you to not develop opinions about things. If you don’t think you belong to the category, these are the signs that you are a judgemental prick.

1. You seldom carry headphones when you travel because your favourite pass time is to judge strangers on the way.
2. The sole purpose of you checking social media is to see what your classmates have been up to and criticize them.
3. Your favourite hobby is rolling eyes. You don’t shy away from doing that at any event.
4. While talking to someone, you always try to figure out everything wrong with them.
5. And you lose your mind if you can’t find even one flaw in the person. You don’t give up.
6. You keep your thoughts to yourself most of the time and go back home to laugh at people’s choices.
7. You easily connect with people who possess the same qualities as you. You instantly become bffs with them.
8. The only reason you go to parties is to judge other people’s clothing and behaviour. You find your fun in that.
9. Because of this judgemental behaviour of yours, you’re not an instant favourite of every person.
10. Your friends quickly turn to you when something bizarre happens because you have the best of reactions.
11. You always have an opinion about everything and you don’t shy away from voicing it out every now and then.
12. Your best friend and you have the best time at parties as you both simultaneously judge people and laugh.
13. You don’t have difficulties spending time by yourself because you can get as bitchy as you want to.
14. You know that if people could actually read your thoughts, you’d be in trouble.
15. You know you’re going to end up alone if you continue being judgemental but you don’t really care.

*rolls eyes*

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