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Shows To Watch After GOT

Yes, no more Game Of Thrones for another year, or maybe even two years. It is a hard time for us fans, no doubt about that. But you can either spend the whole time sulking or do something about it. You can find reason to be alive. Here are some shows to watch after GOT that should keep you occupied for many days.

Narcos Season 3
Netflix’s crime drama Narcos has been critically acclaimed. Following the story of the Columbian drug lord Pablo Escobar, the first two seasons were about the rise and ultimate downfall of the drug cartel in the world. With Escobar’s death in Season 2, Season 3 will follow the rise of Cali Cartel. Scheduled to release on 1st September on Netflix, Narcos Season 3 is something you can’t miss.

Show To Watch

Stranger Things Season 2
Do you like science fiction and adventure driven series or movies? Stranger things is for you. For those who have seen the first season, it was full of shock and surprises. If you haven’t seen it, what have you been doing with your life? Stranger Things comes out with Season 2 on Halloween, which is this October. There’s so many answers that we will be getting from the new season.

Show To Watch

Riverdale Season 2
When Archie comics was turned into a live action series, nobody thought it would actually be this successful. But thanks to the CW and Netflix, Riverdale is a show watched and loved, especially by young adults. Following the life of Archie and his friends as they investigate the murder of a schoolmate, the second season releasing in October is much awaited to know the fate of the other characters and how their lives get affected.

Show To Watch

Modern Family Season 9
Modern Family is on it’s ninth season now and if you haven’t been following the show, you’ve been missing out. The Emmy nominated comedy series follows the life of a family that is dysfunctional, yet stays together, come what may. It has a mixture of emotions, drama and comedy. If you do need more reasons, Sofia Vergara plays the character of Gloria Pritchett. If you haven’t seen the show, now should be a great time to watch. Better late than never.

Show To Watch

Black Mirror
Belonging to the science fiction and psychological drama genre, Black Mirror is a British series. It started early in 2011, but ever since Netflix commissioned the third series in 2015, the show gained popularity. Every episode has a different setting, a different story and even different cast and characters. It’s a different kind of series all together, which is why it should be on your must watch list.

Show To Watch

These will keep you occupied.

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