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Everything You Need To Know About Purpose World Tour India

It’s finally the day. Justin Bieber arrives in India for his very first concert in the country making all the Indian Beliebers feel very happy about today. Ever since the news was announced, fans went frenzy even before the tickets were being sold. Social media was all about Bieber coming to India, and finally it is happening. The tickets went live from February this year for different zones ranging from 5000 to 75,000 INR. If you’re going to be at D.Y. Patil Stadium in Mumbai today to witness Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber set the stage on fire, here’s everything you need to know about the Purpose World Tour India –

1. Do not bother traveling to Navi Mumbai if you’re below 12 years of age because the very first rule says the concert is for people of ages 12 and above. Sorry kids.
2. The gates open at 2 pm sharp and the event begins at 4 pm. Given the Mumbai traffic and you generally being late for everything, it would be advisable to leave early.
3. Take care of the wrist-band given to you like your baby. If you lose them, you’ll probably be thrown out way before you get to see JB perform. Don’t lose them.
4. Alcohol and cigarettes (and other stuff, you know what) are not allowed to be carried inside. There will be arrangements for alcohol and cigarettes inside, not the other stuff.
5. Carrying a DSLR wouldn’t be such a good idea unless you’re planning to bid goodbye to it forever. Manage with your phone for a day.
6. There will be many counters serving water. Make sure you stock up because you know what happens at concerts. Avoid queues, play it smart. Also, don’t waste.
7. Parking is limited. It would be advisable to not travel in your car and use the services of Uber/Ola for the day.
8. Don’t starve yourself. There will be many food stalls inside the festival. Keep eating and enjoying simultaneously.
9. Do not leave the venue. Once you leave the festival premises, you won’t be allowed inside again. You’ll get everything you need inside.
10. Don’t forget to have the time of your life as it’s not everyday that you get to see Justin Bieber perform right in front of your eyes. Enjoy each moment.

Are you ready? JB is coming.

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