How To Creep Out Your Roommate

How To Creep Out Your Roommate

When you live with someone for a longer time, you’re bound to get attached to them. And with attachments come fun, and with fun comes pranks that you can play on them, even when it’s not April fool’s day. You can also creep them out with your antics because you’re a pro at that. If you’re jobless and don’t have anything productive to do in life, here’s how to creep out your roommate and have some fun –

1. Dress up like a clown and wait for your roommate to come back. Open the door with a smile. Nothing is as creepy as this.

2. Just sit on the sofa with your eyes closed, and don’t respond to anything they say. After 10 minutes, you’ll start to scare them.

3. Wear your own clothes for the day from head to toe. They’ll definitely ask you if you’re doing okay in life or not.

4. Start watching Sasural Simar Ka. This you can do in front of anyone and they’ll give you that creepy look you want.

5. Discuss world issues with them after a few drinks. They’ll be amazed and creep-ed out to see you not talk nonsense after drinking.

6. Don’t ask them what they want to eat for dinner. Order your own thing and watch them look at you with anger the whole time.

7. When they introduce you to some friend of theirs, start making seal noises and embarrass them, creeping out both of them.

8. Show up in their room late at night and whisper as if you’re talking to someone. This will creep and scare the life out of them.

9. Make them watch The Roommate movie and after it ends, look at them in a creep way. They’ll walk out of the room immediately.

10. For one day, do everything they asked you to. Clean the dishes, maybe. They’ll definitely look at you differently.

Time to mess with them.

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