Finding your happy stay in Mumbai without upsetting your pocket

What’s the one word that comes to mind when we think of Mumbai? Giant. Mumbai is a goddamn behemoth that seems pretty enough to cuddle with but scary enough that you might get lost somewhere in its embrace. Yup! That is a scary visual. With the humidity, long distances, overwhelming crowd, Mumbai challenges us in every way. But the biggest challenge of all? Finding a satisfactory flat on rent in Mumbai. *groans*

When you move to a city like Mumbai you think life will be like Friends. Sipping coffee all day long, the gang living within one-mile radius, managing jobs and relationships like it is just another day. Well, life ain’t a wish granting factory buddy. You struggle each day to keep up. But that struggle becomes so much easier when you have a perfect home to come to.

Issues we usually face:

  • “Bachelor!? Nope. Not happening.”
    We all have heard this judgement because unfortunately we have done an unmatchable crime of being bachelors! Owners are usually hesitant to rent to bachelors due to many reasons. Untimely parties, bringing friends over and an inherent trust issue with bachelors are a few reasons to name.
  • High rent against a meager deal
    PGs and Hostels in Mumbai often offer an unfair deal of high rent against lagging basic services like irregular water supply, power cut, dingy furniture, etc. Looking at the unfurnished or semi-furnished stays and substandard basic services, the cost to benefit ratio doesn’t exactly come off as appealing.
  • Home-to-Office distance
    Travelling for hours to break your back at the office, that too in the Mumbai heat is a big task. Managing to rent a house in Mumbai close to your job or college within the budget isn’t exactly a cake walk due to high demand and posh societies.
  • The ‘Roomie’ paradox
    Mumbai is home to people from all corners of the country. While that sounds beautiful in itself, it also means exposing yourself to some weird people! PGs and Hostels often cram us in the midst of two to three people who aren’t always the kind who we can vibe with. This makes co-living very difficult.

While all this might have come across as a bit depressing; don’t you worry because I come bearing fruits! Here is all that you need to know about finding a stellar accommodation that is worthy enough to call home and suits your pocket.

Some simple solutions:

  • Professionally Managed Rental Platforms
    Managed rental platforms like GetSetHome are now the perfect solution to rent a house in Mumbai. Starting from browsing a property to moving-in, they stand right by us. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal. Everything is professionally organized and dealt in good faith which makes it a trusting solve to our rental problems.
  • Exploiting public transport
    One of the best things about Mumbai is its connectivity to even the remote places via local trains and metro. Don’t shy away from using them to the fullest. While finding an accommodation near your job or college might be difficult, finding one near a local/metro station is comparatively much easier. And hey, you get to watch a whole another culture of different destinations, different people, one train, and it is pretty majestic. Don’t miss it.
  • Know thy neighbor
    Try talking to the people around your stay. This will help you get the details regarding nearby market, medicals, post office and other beauties (trust me, Mumbai has one hiding in all its corners!). You have got to be smart while finding a flat on rent in Mumbai.
  • Facebook housing groups
    There are various housing groups like ‘Flat and Flatmates’ on social media. You get a platform to find a lot about like-minded people who are basically in the same boat as you.
  • Avoid intermediaries
    Although hiring a broker for rental purposes is common in Mumbai, it often is dupe. A lot of hollow promises are made regarding maintenance and whatnot in the beginning. If you do approach a broker, put on your x-ray goggles and give it a complete scrutiny to avoid an inconvenience later.
  • Unrealistic expectations
    Snap out of the movie world! Throw away your unrealistic expectations and put up an optimistic front to make the best out of a given deal.

While your patience is challenged while you rent a house in Mumbai, it is another fun adventure in itself. So, don’t give up on Mumbai and whenever it gets tough just remember, “yeh hai Mumbai meri jaan”.

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