Every Capricorn

Every Capricorn In The World

Sun signs affect your behaviour a lot. They determine your personality in many ways, making you distinctive from the others. A Capricorn is the best when it comes to determination, rationalism, and helpfulness. If you have a Capricorn friend, you can expect the following from them. This is how every Capricorn in the world is –

1. Ambitious
Nobody is more ambitious than a Capricorn. You’ll always find them making big plans for themselves, as they do not believe in being mediocre. They have their goals set, path decided and nothing can stop them from following their dreams. Ambitions are more important than anything for them.

Every Capricorn

2. Emotionless, mostly
It’s not that they completely lack emotions, but they don’t know how to show them. Which is why it’s not a good idea to get them to open up because those doors have been closed for a long time. They like to keep everything to themselves, private as they are, and rarely find people they can open up to.

Every Capricorn

3. Sarcastic
If there’s one thing every Capricorn is, it’s that they are all sarcastic as hell. They are the Chandler Bing of your squad, never failing to find a sarcastic response ready when something stupid happens. As long as they don’t say it to you, you can have a good laugh about it. Being sarcastic is their thing.

Every Capricorn

4. Play it safe
Risk taking is not something you’ll find a Capricorn doing. They like to play it safe when it comes to financial decisions or relationships. Anything that they think is going to be risky for them, with even 10% chance of going the other way, they will stay away. You can say that they are kind of rational.

Every Capricorn

5. Always better than the rest
Capricorns do not believe in standing at the back of the queue or being average people. If they do something, they will be the best at it, or they won’t step into it. They do not believe in the concept of number 2. This makes them fierce and competitive, which is why you should never compete with a Capricorn.

Every Capricorn

Also, you rock.

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