20 Signs That Say You're Just Lazy AF

20 Signs That Say You’re Just Lazy AF

If you’re someone who has for a long time appreciated watching television on the couch for 8 hours straight, let me tell you that you’re not antisocial, you’re just downright lazy. Every time your friends are planning something on group chat, you switch off your phone and go to sleep. It’s not because you hate your friends, or are broke to go anywhere, you just can’t find the strength to go out and chill. Don’t know if you’re one? Here are the 20 signs that say you’re just lazy AF –

  1. No is your first response to anything that involves or requires you to move around, or even pick up your finger.
  1. Your daily activities involve sitting on the couch all day switching channels.
  1. You don’t even bother turning off the television after your favourite show is over because you don’t want to get up.
  1. Anything that consumes more than 2 minutes of your time is delayed by you on purpose.
  1. You wish you had a minion that could get you all the things you craved for without you having to move an inch.
  1. Once you get comfortable in a sitting position, you cuss anyone who tries to fuck with your comfort. You start shouting at them and refuse to co-operate.
  1. You’ve found easier ways to do all tasks and no matter how difficult they may be, you continue doing them just because they save time.
  1. Your idea of a perfect day is sitting in front of the television eating nachos and a glass of wine by your side. 
  1. You have a moment of weakness when you see someone’s snap story about being out on a beautiful day, then you put your phone down and get over it.
  1. It takes more than a century for you to get out of bed. Your snooze button has given up on you by now.
  1. You get inspired for a microsecond when you see The Pursuit Of Happyness, but then after roaming around for 5 minutes, you get back to doing nothing.
  1. Life essential processes like urinating and excreting are delayed by you. You don’t even listen to your own body.
  1. Since you don’t go out a lot, the only people who call you are mobile companies and credit card sellers.
  1. Your friends call you weekly basis to ask for a plan, but even you know they’re just asking to confirm whether you’re alive or not.
  1. You cherish your sleep hours. If anyone tries to ruin your perfect date with bed, you don’t let them live.
  1. The only people you interact to are your parents and siblings, that too when they take the effort to enter your room.
  1. Your religion is procrastination. No matter how life threatening something is, it can wait for another two minutes.
  1. Every morning you get up thinking you’ll be doing something huge today and change the world, but after the first minute of feeling that way, you’re just like fuck it.
  1. After all these years, the only thing that you consider to be your true companion is food. You talk pizza, walk pizza, eat pizza and love pizza.
  1. All these years being lazy, you’ve come to term with yourself. You know that you’re more of a ‘sitting at home doing nothing’ kind of person who’s probably going to die.


Cheers to all you suckers!

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