20 lifehacks for bachelors living on a budget!

A bachelor’s life can be rewarding and punishing at the same time. 

Whether you’re a student living away from home for the first time or working your way up the corporate ladder without any family support, here are 20 lifehacks for bachelors living on a budget –

  1. A lot of your earnings gets spent on food. You can set up a food budget to stick to for every month. (Pssst…Indulging in a scrumptious dessert once in a while isn’t a crime!).Woman eating fruits late night

2. Plan your meals ahead. Prepare meals in advance on the weekends and keep them in air-tight containers in the fridge. Meal planning goes a long way for living on a budget.

Meal prep containers with food

3. If you live close to to your workplace, ride a bicycle to work. It’s good for your health and your budget!

Man riding a bicycle to work

4. Transportation services like Uber, Ola and Lyft allow carpooling. Use this system to commute to work and save money on individual rides.

Uber carpool ride

5. Your rent already takes out a big chunk from your monthly expenses. Save on living expenses by being mindful of electricity use. Turn off appliances and other items when not in use. 

Unplug appliances not in use sign

6. Oh no! Half of your salary evaporated by the 5th of the month and there are those damn cleaning supplies you need to keep your house from looking like a garbage dump. To avoid situations like these, plan ahead and maintain a savings account for emergencies.

Savings in jars

7. Game of Thrones and Friends keeping you from being bored to death? Trial subscriptions to HBO, Amazon Prime Video, and Netflix will help you cut down the cable bill.

Hulu subscription

8. Itching to watch that new installment of your fav movie franchise? Watch a movie during the weekdays to avoid high ticket prices of weekends. 

Movie tickets and popcorn

9. Low on funds? Use those creative juices to set up your own Etsy shop and earn big bucks by selling internationally. 

Etsy shop application

10. Living on a budget is difficult but you should never compromise on your health. Routine checkups should be planned in advance to avoid a hole in your pocket. 

Routine health checkups

11. Coffee addict with an affinity to Starbucks? Go for their membership discounts (Swagbucks) or eliminate caffeine totally. Instead, take a Vit B12 pill for all-day energy. vitamin b 12 capsule

12. A fitness freak does not live on a budget. But when he’s living as a bachelor, it’s a good idea to buy home workout equipment. 

woman working out at home

Image Credit: Total Shape

13. Magazines, care packages can be cut down if possible. Try reducing or canceling subscriptions which are not absolutely required.

Piggy bank with coins

14. Yes, I know you love shopping! But are you wondering how are you going to pay off that enormous credit card debt? Instead, wait for 21 days before making a big purchase. This way, you’ll be able to determine whether you really need that 55-inch flat screen or not!

Credit card burden on man

15. Everyone is bound to make mistakes. But to escape being overcharged by your bank, carefully study your credit card statements. 

Account summary

16. I know a nightcap sounds awesome after a hectic day. But alcohol can increase your living expenses. Avoid smoking and drinking to cut down on your costs.

No smoking and alcohol sign

17. If you have your own vehicle, get it insured. You’ll avoid any accidental damages and also you can avail any driver discounts (if applicable). 

Vehicle insurance

18. Nowadays, many apps offer you deals and loyalty rewards. Avail these discounts to save on your monthly shopping. 

Deals and discounts

19. A refrigerator keeps your food and drinks fresh for a long time. To cut down on energy costs, always keep your fridge at full capacity. 

Fridge full of food

20. Ugh! It’s Christmas again. You’re happy of course, but you fear you’ll blow your budget on shopping gifts for the endless number of cousins. A good away to avoid drowning in debt is to buy gifts in advance at the various sales throughout the year. 

gifts and presents

Well, I hope you have an idea of how to live frugally by now. Be mindful and soon, you’ll earn enough to live a kingly life! 

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Let me know what you think in our comments section below.

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