MET Gala 2019 memes

20+ best memes and tweets of MET Gala 2019 (you will die laughing!)

So the MET Gala 2019 proved to be a volcano of memes! Everyone’s laughing their asses off!

The theme for the gala was ‘Camp: Notes on Fashion’ which meant a wide variety of over-the-top and exaggerated looks. All the celebs did justice to the theme.

Of course, there were some hits and some misses. But here we have some of the best hilarious memes and Twitter reactions flooding the internet since yesterday! Enjoy.

  1. Harry Styles got compared to Jerry Seinfeld with the fancy ruffles!

2. Deepika rocked as ‘Camp Barbie’ but got compared to a cake figurine 😛


3. Billy Porter looked like an Egyptian God and the would-be ambassador of Uber if Uber existed in the bygone days!

4. Kim Kardashian’s ‘dripping-wet’ look earned her the reputation of a human croissant!


5. These Priyanka Chopra fans appreciated her ‘Mad-Hatter’ beauty.


6. Celine Dion’s eternal love for Katy Perry burgers!


7. Watching the MET Gala pink carpet like….


8. Thor in Avengers Endgame is us all watching the MET Gala pink carpet.


9. Cardi B playing the best ‘floor is lava’ game.


10. Benedict Cumberbatch is all ‘look at me now, bitch’!


11. Couple’s night at your neighborhood club? No problem!


12. Is it just me or does everyone feel the same about subtitles?


13. A big, refreshing slap for toxic masculinity!


14. Kylie and Kendall Jenner making us nostalgic.


15. The late-night pep talks you give yourself so that you can face tomorrow!


16. All the things we desire in a house!


17. Doug Dimmadome or Benedict Cumberbatch!


18. Oh, snap!


19. Is anyone seeing the difference here?


20. The best costume designer award goes to…..


21. MET GALA 2019 summed up (without context)!


22. Funeral fashion goals! by Lady Gaga.


Phew! The MET Gala was a raging success. It sure was hella entertaining.

Hope you enjoyed the memes! Comment below with your reactions.

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